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Masquerade of True Love

It was a beautiful day in the city of Konoha… It was sunny, not many clouds in the sky so it did not seem like it would rain on the city today so that was a plus for many. Why it would be a plus for many? Well, that is because tonight, would be the Masquerade Dance. Many people, some from far and wide come to Konoha for this dance, one that only happens once a year. Many people, say that they find their true love at this dance, for one way or another, there has always been someone to fall in love and have their happily ever afters from this dance.

Though, there are also some break ups though, the dance, is also known to be ‘The Masquerade of True Love’. It was a rather odd way to find the one for you, but perhaps it was the way the dance was done, for the masks always hid a person’s face, allowing the one they are with to see the true meaning of ‘inner beauty’ before claiming their love is based on outer appearances.

That was what the dance was all about… finding true love, based on their inner beauty… and that is where the story shall take place…

Looking out the window of her family’s home, was a woman with long blue hair with two locks framing her hair as others had liked to declare ‘a princess hair style’ though she wasn’t sure about that. Her pale eyes with hints of lavender seemed sad, over the years, she has had many other boyfriends but sadly, they had only seen her for her outer appearance and it always made her sad. Was that all she was good for? To look good? That was all she would be worth for she figured, after all, everyone that she had ever dated always said how good she looked and always made comments about her looks rather than her personality or what she wore. The worst part? They always stared at her breasts.

Shaking her head, the young woman stretched her arms above her head as she thought that maybe it was best that she was alone, if no one could accept her for who she is, then what was the point in finding love? It just… the way it was meant to be after all. Breathing gently, the young woman pushed herself up from her seat and made her way over to the kitchen and started to make herself something to snack on, hoping that it would give her something to eat.

It was nice that she decided to spend her vacation at her parent’s home, wanting to help out though, also to get away from her home. Her last boyfriend would no doubt try to get her back because of her ‘perfect beauty’ though, she highly doubted that. He only wanted her body and image, nothing more. It was… her… that he wanted.

Sighing softly, the young woman wanted to think to the boy that she first met when she was a child. She was trying to get home from her first day of school and got lost. She had found herself at the riverside, which was a place that she knew wasn’t near her home and broke down crying. A boy had found her; he was playing nearby since he lived in the neighbourhood. He felt bad for her and knew how to get her back home.

At the time, Hinata had been shy and couldn’t say anything, or at least she was very shy when it came to strangers and boys. He had managed to get her home though before she could thank him, he had ran off… and she never saw him again. Not even asking for anything in return, he was a selfless person, only thinking about others and not wanting anything but then again, he, like her, was a child at that point of time. It made her wonder if she would ever see him again though at the same time she didn’t think fate would be so kind to her for that.

Shaking her head, the young woman knew that she would have to try to get out of this funk. There was just no point in trying to keep her thoughts on the past. That boy was never going to be seen again because it was most likely that he moved away after that point in time and… there was just no point in trying to think about it anyway.

Looking back out the window, Hinata wondered what her life would be like if she did find the one for her… the one that could connect to her soul and that saw true inner beauty? That would make her life perfect no doubt though, was there such a thing in the first place? She couldn’t really be sure of such a thing. Though that was nothing but a dream, a dream that would never come true for her…

Yawning into the back of her hand, the young woman grabbed a nutrition bar before making her way over to the living room to watch a movie. There had to be something good on that would cheer her up even if it was just a little bit. Looking up at the TV, she saw a kid’s movie coming on but shrugged her shoulders as she started to watch it. After all, it was the weekend and not a lot of things were really on the weekend so what was the point in not watching a movie even if it was mostly for kids in the first place? Though, just as she was getting into it, the phone started to ring…

“Ah man…” she whispered before pushing herself up from her seat and made her way over to the cordless phone. “Hello, Hyuuga Residence…” She said into the receiver. Hinata wasn’t really sure who would be calling her at a time like this though she figured that maybe it was for her parents…

“Hinata, it’s your father…” Oh, it was her father though, why was he calling? Couldn’t he tell her whatever it was when he got back from his trip? “Listen, I know I was supposed to go to that dance tonight but I can’t make it so tell your mother when she gets home and you go in my place will you?” He didn’t sound angry but he did sound a little displeased with missing that dance. It was something that he and her mother had gone to every year and not once have they missed it.

“But… I’m not one for dances father…” she whispered softly.

“I know Hinata, but you need to get out of the house and meet other people. Besides, maybe some culture would be good for you… Not to mention, everyone will be wearing masks remember? They won’t know who you are and not to mention, the whole ‘do not remove your masks until midnight’ you can easily leave before then so you wouldn’t have to.” Okay, he had a point there though it still had her a little nervous with going… Her parents had wanted her to go to that dance for a long time, or at least when she had turned eighteen years old but she had always refused…

Maybe he was right, maybe she should go. People wouldn’t know who she was because of the mask and she didn’t have to give her full name so that was something. Letting out a deep breath, the young woman calmly said “alright father, I’ll go… I’ll go get a mask and a dress.”

After chatting with her father for a bit, Hinata hung up and went to the table and grabbed her purse and made her way out of the house and to the store for her dress, and some items to make her mask. Though she just prayed that the mask turned out okay, that was the only thing that she wanted… though she was also thankful for that art degree that she had on her wall but it had also been a very long time since she did anything artistic… well, never too late to get back into it right?


Wiping the sweat from her brow as she sat at her desk, she didn’t think that she would get it done in time but it looked great. Smiling the young woman carefully set the mask down on her desk as she decided to let the glue dry off before getting up from her seat and made her way over to her closet as she double checked her dress to make sure that it would fit properly since she had only tried it on once at the store before purchase. “I’m just over thinking this…” muttered Hinata before hearing her cell phone ring.

Reaching into her pocket and fishing it out, she pressed it to her ear as she said “hello?”

“Hinata! I heard that you’re going to the dance this year!” shouted a woman’s voice on the other end. Hinata had to pull the phone away from her ear as she heard her best friend squeal with excitement, another person that had been trying to get her to go to the dance for a long time. It was amazing just how many people had wanted her to go to the dance.

“Father couldn’t make it back and he didn’t want the ticket to go to waste so he gave it to me since Hanabi is at college still.” Which was true, there wasn’t much she could do about her sister being away so she was the last choice. Inhaling softly, she ran a hand through her hair as she added “but yeah I’ll be going. I’ll be wearing purple and lavender at the dance if you are gonna be looking for me.”

“Of course Hinata! Sasuke and I are going to and knowing him he’ll wear something black and I’ll be wearing something pink and red!” Hinata heard Sakura’s giggling before adding “are you going with your boyfriend?”

“I dumped him Sakura, Kabuto was just into my looks just like any other guy…” Hinata said with a sad sigh. It was amazing that Sakura didn’t know about that, but then again it made sense since the blue haired woman hadn’t really told anyone about her dumping the creepy grey haired man with his weird and creepy stare.

“Good, he was no good for you… say, Hinata… Sasuke is also bringing his best friend… his friend will be going alone as well so… if something comes up can you keep his friend company? Please?” asked Sakura. Okay, it was rare for Sasuke to bring friends of his anywhere, so unless he hadn’t seen his friend for a long time and the poor soul had come at a bad time or Sasuke just wanted his friend to deal with the dance as much as he did since Hinata knew, for a fact that Sasuke hated going to that dance.

“Alright, so long as Sasuke’s friend doesn’t try anything…”

“It’s no problem at all Hinata! I swear if anything happens you know how I handle problems.”

Oh yeah, she knew that hands down, the last person to get on Sakura’s bad side, was sent to the hospital with just about every bone in his body broken and his skin almost fully black and blue. It was amazing that the poor guy was still alive to be honest but Sakura was never one to kill anyone no matter the reason behind it. “Alright…” Hinata said, honestly she wondered how she would always end up being roped into all of this… Maybe she was just that soft hearted or something.

Chatting with her best friend for a little while longer, Hinata calmly asked “so, what kind of mask are you planning to wear?” she was a little curious as to what she would be wearing though it was still puzzling for the whole dance to be honest because to be honest there may be other people that would be wearing the same colours as she would.

“Well, it isn’t going to be anything special, it’ll just be a red mask with pink feathers on the side, it’ll only go around my eyes and a bit over my nose, nothing special. As for Sasuke, he’s gonna be wearing some kind of raven mask… I think it’s because it’s black like his outfit.”

Of course, Sasuke was wearing black, and that meant everything so that only made sense after all. The man was in some sense almost like a goth, though only in wearing the colour black just about every day unless it was too hot then he would wear some brighter colours just so he wouldn’t over heat. Hinata laughed a little bit as she calmly said “Sakura… do you think I’ll have fun at this dance?” she was a little worried, there hadn’t really been a good history of her having any kind of fun at a dance before so it had her a little nervous at that.

“I’m sure you’ll have fun Hinata, hell I bet you would even find the one for you. After all, you know what they say about that dance right? There has always been couples being made at that dance for those who are single, and I just know that you’ll find him. After all, people will only see you in a mask until midnight when you remove the mask and it is also all about inner beauty.” Sakura said, her voice sounding happy and sure of herself. She was positive that the blue haired woman would have a blast…

“Oh, what kind of mask are you wearing Hinata?” asked Sakura.

“Oh, it’ll be a purple cat mask.” She said with a smile, she wasn’t sure why but cats had always been one of her favourite animals even though she doesn’t own one. Though, that could also be because her apartment didn’t allow pets in the least. Though maybe at some point, she would get a new pet when she can get a new apartment then she could though that was if it was in her budget after all…

“Oh a cat mask! That should be interesting! I hope to see it in its full glory Hinata! Oh! I have to go, I gotta cook dinner before Sasuke gets home, he’s working a bit late and he wants to eat before heading to the dance. Bye!” with that, Sakura hung up and left Hinata to her own thoughts. Well, it made sense that Sakura would want to make something for her and Sasuke to eat though she just hoped that she would be able to eat before she left, sadly her stomach was in knots… Must be because she was even more nervous than before since she had agreed to keep Sasuke’s friend company… whoever that was anyway.

Looking back at her dress, she went to work to make a few adjustments… If she wanted to prove herself about inner beauty, she may as well change a few things about the dress to at least… show something off but not too revealing in the least…


Breathing deeply, Hinata sat in her car for a moment after parking at the dance. The grand hall that would host the dance every year was full of lights and beautiful music it made her wonder if it was like a dream. Breathing deeply, she looked over and grabbed the cat mask that she had made. It took a lot of time but it was perfect. It was purple with lavender jewels that stretched out from the left cheek, thinning out as it made its way over the left eye hole and curled itself downward just over the left eyebrow almost resembling a wave.

As for the right side of the mask, it was the same, though coming down from the right side of the forehead, making its way downward over the right eye hole and curling itself over the right cheek. The nose was a light lavender to make it pop out so to speak, as were the inside of the triangle cat ears.

Turning it over, she had a simple purple ribbon to tie it behind her head just so she could tie it and, to make sure it was fastened properly on her head to not reveal who she is. Smiling, she slipped the mask on, her hair of course she kept down though curled it a little at the ends to at least make her a little more presentable. Giggling softly, the young woman stepped out of the car as she looked up at the hall.

Gulping a bit, Hinata was starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing… and about her outfit. Her dress was purple of course with a side split that made its way up her leg ending at her thigh. Lavender of course was added in beautiful swirls that in a way made patterns to resemble flowers around the bottom of the dress. Also, the dress was a little figure hugging around her hips though not overly so, and the dress was sleeveless and hugged her chest just right where it wouldn’t tear, or fall off of her.

To complete her outfit, she wore purple heels that weren’t too high, or too low but the proper height so she wouldn’t fall over or to make her overly tall. Inhaling softly yet deeply, the young woman made her way into the hall hoping that she wouldn’t make herself to look like a fool that was something that she didn’t want to have to deal with, at least not at the moment. Even though no one would even know it was her, she still didn’t want to risk it in case someone other than her friends knew that it was her.

Taking a look around, she saw a variety of masks, all of them brightly coloured or some of them dark. Some just covered part of the face around the eyes while some covered just about the whole face. There were even some like hers that only covered part of the face. It had her curious as to where Sasuke and Sakura were… were they here yet? Or were they waiting for Sasuke’s friend? She had no idea though she hoped, prayed that they would be here soon…

It made her nervous to know that they hadn’t arrived yet since after all, they were the only people that she knew that were coming to the dance. Panic swept through her for a brief moment so she decided to make her way over to the wall near the buffet, knowing Sakura she would want a nice drink when they arrive so what better way to meet with them than to wait by the buffet… oh wait, that would make her a wall flower wouldn’t it?

“Oh well…” she whispered, her voice lost to the sound of the music anyway. It wasn’t like anyone could hear her in the first place. Taking a gaze around, the young woman wondered where they could be… what was taking them so long anyway? “I hope they’re okay…” whispered Hinata, her eyes filled with worry and concern for her friends. It was as if there was always something that would make things a little complicated for her though she just couldn’t be sure what it was that would cause all of this for her to only make her life all that more complicated.

Looking down at the floor, shoulders slumped as she tried to keep herself occupied, really she would want to do just about anything to keep herself from being bored though no matter what she just couldn’t think on what she should do or think for that matter. After all, her mind kept on going back to her friends and her concern came right back slamming itself into her chest. ’I have to stop thinking like this, they are just fine, I know they are!’ thought the blue haired woman as she tried to get herself under control. There was nothing that should have her thinking like this.

Shaking her head gently, the young woman closed her eyes for a brief moment as she thought back of happy memories… though that boy came rushing back into her mind once more… Why was he in his mind lately? It was as if her mind could only think back to that boy when he had helped her home… why though? She hadn’t thought of him all that much in years, at least not since she went in high school when she had accepted that she would never see him again… so why now of all times?

’I must be losing my mind or… I miss him now… really miss him…’ the young woman thought before frowning a little. It seemed that her mind wanted to be cruel to her as well now, oh how fate was cruel to her to have her own mind to be doing this to her. Rolling her head to her shoulder, Hinata wondered if he would leave her mind by tomorrow, that would be nice… just thinking about him didn’t even make any kind of sense for the young woman in the least…

“What are you doing all the way over here?” asked a new voice. Causing Hinata to look up in confusion, at first thinking that it was Sasuke though it was a mystery man… He wore an orange dress shirt. It was simple but at the same time she felt that it suited him… He also wore a pair of black dress pants, again nothing fancy though it seemed that he was out of his element so to speak. He kept moving side to side, shifting his feet in his black dress shoes… The man’s stance otherwise said he was sure of himself… though when she looked up and saw his eyes, she could see that he was nervous about being here…

Now that she had a better look, the mask he wore resembled a fox. It was orange with the inside of the ears being black, around the eyes were also black… Swirls of red around the cheeks which made her think of flames. Though she had also noticed that the mask even covered the top of his head and from what she could see, cover his hair entirely. She didn’t know what colour of hair he had…

“Ms? Are you okay?” asked the man with a frown, the only part of his face that she could see to be honest, from his mouth and down, was all she could see of his face since even his nose was covered by the mask.

“Yes, I’m okay, just waiting for my friends. I’m kind of worried about them though… I think something happened to them.” Hinata whispered softly.

The man smiled as he said “well, my friends are outside trying to find a parking space so… maybe we can just spend some time together while we wait? It beats being alone right?” The man had a point, and it wasn’t like he could do anything right? After all, they were in a public place so there wouldn’t be any chances of anything happening right? Leaning against the wall for a moment, Hinata wondered who this guy was waiting for to find a parking space… it would be nice to know, maybe she knew them? Nah, it wasn’t her business anyway…

“So, I’m Naruto, what’s your name?” asked Naruto.

“I’m… I’m Hinata.” She whispered softly.

“It’s nice to meet you Hinata.” Naruto said with a chuckle before holding his hand out to shake hers. The young woman was a little nervous shaking his hand though she smiled a little before giving him her hand only to blush when he kissed the back of it. Okay, either he was trying to be a gentleman or he was trying to impress her… Though, it was nice to see someone be a gentleman for sure though it was still new for her. “Sorry, my parents have always told me when I go to the dance that I should treat woman with the utmost respect.” He chuckled a little before adding “though, it wasn’t like I didn’t before anyway.”

“Okay, that makes a bit of sense.” She said with a soft smile. Though it was still hard to say if he was really telling the truth… but, his eyes… they shined with nothing but the truth. Maybe it was true that the eyes are a gateway to the soul and this man, Naruto, his soul was as pure as the ocean that his eyes resembled… Hinata blushed a little more before looking away; she didn’t even know why she was being so shy… Hell, the more she looked at his eyes, the more she felt like… she’s met him before.

The man just smiled at Hinata as he asked “you’re not used to a guy treating you properly huh?” That, of course had caused Hinata to look up in shock, how did he know that? Naruto took a deep breath as he said “you just had this air about you I guess you could say. I can easily sense that you weren’t treated properly…” He frowned a little before letting go of her hand, forgetting that he had still been holding onto it. “I’m sorry…”

“It… it’s okay don’t worry about it.” Hinata whispered softly before leaning against the wall once again. She didn’t think that he would be able to notice that, was she that easy to read or was it about the whole ‘air around her’ thing that he said he could sense. Sure, she knew some people could sense that about some people, that was how it was… Or maybe she really was just that easy to read like she thought she was. Shaking her head, the young woman tried to get herself to calm down though she couldn’t be sure of it.

Naruto shifted a bit where he stood, his hands dug in his pockets as if he was trying to think of something else to talk about. It seemed that he was just as nervous about being here as she was… “Ya know…” Hinata whispered softly, “I never really come to these things. I never bothered to come here because I always thought that it was… stupid. I know about the stories here but I never believed them.”

Naruto turned to stare at her as he tilted his head at her. “Why is that Hinata?” asked the young man with a frown.

Hinata turned her gaze upward at Naruto as she said “I always believe in seeing a person from the inside so to speak. I believe in being with a person by the beauty of their soul. To me, their appearance means nothing… To find something like that through the dance, it makes sense but at the same time… does it really work that way? How can you really be sure… if that person is your soul mate if they could very well be some kind of killer?” Shaking her head, she looked back at the floor as she said “I’m sorry, I’m not trying to judge you… I guess it’s just…”

“It’s because you have been treated poorly and people only liked you for your looks am I right?” asked Naruto, it was as if he knew how she felt. Taking a look up at the fox masked man, Hinata couldn’t believe his words…  “I know how that feels Hinata… I’ve been through that myself. In high school, girls would throw themselves at me and I wouldn’t really care though… the girlfriends that I had, they only liked me for my looks and nothing more.” He sighed softly before leaning against the wall with a sad smile. “Looks, appearances, they are nothing but a curse sometimes.” He understood… he… he really understood?

Soon, music started to play in the background. Hinata looked up and blinked in shock when the soft music played… Naruto chuckled softly before turning around and held out his hand to the blue haired woman as he asked “Hinata, may I have this dance?” She didn’t think that he would want to dance with her, though… maybe it was god for her to at least dance to one song. It would be fun… She smiled happily before giving Naruto her hand as he escorted her to the dance floor…

Once in a while
You are in my mind
I think about the days that we had
And I dream that these would all come back to me
If only you knew every moment in time
Nothing goes on in my heart
Just like your memories
How I want here to be with you
Once more

Naruto gently held Hinata close to his chest, holding onto her left hand, his free hand on her waist. As for Hinata, her right hand rested on Naruto’s shoulder, she didn’t think it would be much of a dance since it was nothing more than a slow song though… she had to truthful; the song was beautiful for sure. Naruto held onto her gently, it was as if he was worried about hurting her, though… for some reason she doubted that. Looking up at the masked man, the two swayed to the music, no real movements really to be honest… it was as if they were mostly just trying to enjoy each other’s company than anything else.

Hinata never knew that something like this could be real… she never thought that she would enjoy to dance with someone, though maybe because in the past her boyfriends would just be throwing her around as if she was some kind of rag doll… Naruto though, he was trying to be as gentle as he could.

You are always gonna be the one
And you should know
How I wish I could have never let you go
Come into my life again
Oh, don't say no
You are always gonna be the one in my life
So true, I believe I can never find
Somebody like you
My first love

Staring at his eyes, Hinata saw some kind of hidden emotion within the blue depths, she couldn’t really be sure what they were trying to say, though there was something there… something… it was searching her own eyes as if trying to get her to know something but, the young woman couldn’t really say for sure what it could be… Was there some kind of hidden meaning for Naruto to want to dance with her?

Naruto gave her a gentle smile as he said “you are very light on your feet Hinata.” He chuckled gently having dipped her back, his face inches from hers as if he was going to kiss her… In fact, his eyes looked as if he really did want to kiss her but he pulled himself back from doing just that… Pulling her upright once more, Naruto turned with Hinata, just settling for holding her close to his chest. That seemed to be enough for him for now…

Once in a while
You are in my dreams
I can feel the warmth of your embrace
And I pray that it will all come back to me
If only you knew every moment in time
Nothing goes on in my heart
Just like your memories
And how I want here to be with you
Once more
Yeah, yeah, yeah

“Naruto… why did you come to this dance?” asked Hinata with a hint of curiosity. Naruto just stared at her for a moment; his eyes seemed sad… as if what she said had upset him though he closed his eyes for a brief moment and held her a little closer.

“I moved back to this town to find someone… I didn’t know if she still lived in this town or not but a friend of mine said that she did and I wanted to look for her.” He chuckled a little before adding “I know this sounds silly, but when I was a kid, I helped this girl get back home though I didn’t have time to make sure she got inside okay since I had to head back home because my family was moving away from Konoha back to my mother’s home town to be with her family since they weren’t faring well.” He looked up for a moment, as if trying to think of something to add to the story before opening his eyes once again. “I had always thought of that girl… I guess you could say, she was my first love… I had only thought about her and no one else for that matter, even my past girlfriends had wanted to know why I didn’t pay attention to them when I told them I loved someone else, and that they only liked me for my looks.” He let out a soft sigh as he whispered “though I don’t think she remembers me…”

You will always be inside my heart
And you should know
How I wish I could have never let you go
Come into my life again
Please don't say no
Now and forever you are still the one
In my heart
So true, I believe I could never find
Somebody like you
My first love

Taking a deep breath, Hinata laid her head on his chest as she said “I’m sorry Naruto… I hope that she remembers you. I bet she’s thinking of you right now.” Naruto shook his head, causing the young woman to look up at him in confusion and shock. Why would he think that she wasn’t thinking about him? After all, if he was as nice as a kid as he is now, then why wouldn’t she remember him in the first place? Was the girl even worth it? No, she was the one that held Naruto’s heart and she knew that, she could see the love he had in his eyes for that girl…

“Let’s say, she hasn’t given any sign of remembering me as of yet, though I hope to see that by tonight.” He chuckled a little before they went back to saying with the music. It seemed that he wanted to distract himself with the music, and she wasn’t going to stop him from that, at least not at the moment. Whoever this girl was, Hinata hoped that she brought Naruto a lifetime of joy and happiness, for that was something that he deserved.

You are always gonna be the one
And you should know
How I wish I could have never let you go
Come into my life again
Oh, don't say no
You will always gonna be the one
So true, I believe I could never find
Now and forever

Hinata looked up at Naruto, she was about to move away from him until Naruto’s hold on her tightened a bit. “May I… have one last dance Hinata? Please? Just one more dance…” She didn’t know why he wanted one last dance, but the way he sounded, it almost sounded like he was… pleading with her. But why? Why would he want to dance with her just one more time? Shouldn’t he be looking for that girl that he had fallen for? It didn’t make sense to her though, she would happily accept…

“Alright, one last dance Naruto.” She said with a smile before she looked over at the band as they started to set up for the next song that was by someone’s special request.

The music was simple really, she didn’t think that it wouldn’t be much of a slow song like the last one though, Hinata couldn’t help but smile. This was one of her favourite songs and it was something that she could really enjoy dancing too. Giggling softly, she looked up at Naruto as she asked “you sure you wanna dance to this? It’s more of a girl’s song than anything.” Though, the look he gave her was serious, he wanted to dance with her, because… wait did he see how happy she was to have heard this song? Was that it?

We were both young when I first saw you.
I close my eyes and the flashback starts:
I'm standing there on a balcony in summer air.

Naruto gave Hinata soft and gentle smile as he walked along the dance floor with the blue haired woman. Twirled with her as he wanted to make sure that she had the time of her life. Though, Hinata had to admit, the way he danced with her was very gentle, wanting to make sure that she had as much fun as he did when they danced. He was really different than the other boys that she had seen in her life… He hadn’t made a comment about her figure; something that she had to admit made her happy though it was still curious… was he… no, it was still too soon for her to make any kind of judgement about him…

That was just the way it was right? After all, she had only just met him and yet, it felt like they have met before, somewhere that she couldn’t remember… or at least that she couldn’t recall. Looking up at him, his gaze was nothing but gentle, with no motive other than to make her happy and to enjoy herself…

See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns.
See you make your way through the crowd
And say, "Hello, "
Little did I know...

Carefully, Naruto lifted his hand from her waist and carefully lifted her hand from his shoulder. Was he trying to remove her from his presents? No, his gaze was still kind and gentle… He was trying to prepare them for something… wait, did he know this song as well. Her answer was a smile on his face that was bright as the sun, causing the young woman to blush softly under her mask. It was amazing that his smile could do something like that…

That you were Romeo, you were throwing pebbles,
And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet"
And I was crying on the staircase
Begging you, "Please don't go"
And I said...

He chuckled a little; Hinata wondered what he would be laughing at now… “I hope you don’t mind a little more of a quick pace Hinata.” Naruto said with that big smile before he started to prepare himself for the next verse, just what would cause him to go a little quicker from the movements that were going? Was he just trying to have her have a little bit of fun on this dance even more than before?

"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting; all that's left to do is run.
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess,
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'Yes.'"

Twirling Hinata around his body, Naruto quickly pulled her close to his chest and dipped the young woman close to the ground. Hinata blinked in shock at the movement that he did though the young woman smiled all the more as Naruto pulled her close to his chest, he held onto her hand once again and had his arm around her waist as he held out their hand as he took what could be resembled as hopping steps and twirled themselves around in circles, causing Hinata to laugh in joy.

So I sneak out to the garden to see you.
We keep quiet 'cause we're dead if they knew
So close your eyes... escape this town for a little while.
Oh, oh.

Grinning from ear to ear, Naruto wrapped his arm around her shoulders and had one of her legs before lifting her and walking around in a circle. Though the way he held her, he made sure that no one saw anything that she didn’t want to be seen. He was still trying to make sure that she had fun while they danced, that had to say something about the man right? That he was really an amazing man that only cared about those around him instead of himself.

Hinata looked up at Naruto, her face bright and filled with joy that she never knew that could have been possible for her in the first place… he was an amazing man that was really something and she wouldn’t deny that.

'Cause you were Romeo – I was a scarlet letter,
And my daddy said, "Stay away from Juliet."
But you were everything to me,
I was begging you, "Please don't go."
And I said...

Placing her feet back on the ground, Naruto stepped away from Hinata, his arm stretched out as he held onto her hand before pulling her back in a twirling motion with her back pressing against his chest causing her to blush, the young woman could feel his heart pounding in his chest… Was he over working himself or was he very happy? She couldn’t really say, though… she felt happy herself that she could enjoy a dance like this… it was exciting…

"Romeo, take me somewhere we can be alone.
I'll be waiting; all that's left to do is run.
You'll be the prince and I'll be the princess.
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'Yes.'

Twirling her around once more so Hinata could face him, Naruto held Hinata close to his chest as he danced with her once more. Though instead of just taking slow simple steps, they had a bit of a hop to them so to speak. Hinata laughed and followed his lead and before she knew it he dipped her once again getting a laugh from her, for she never expected herself to get any kind of fun from the dance but to be nothing more than a wall flower so to speak. It was amazing; she never knew that she could be this happy in her entire life!

Romeo, save me, they try to tell me how to feel.
This love is difficult but it's real.
Don't be afraid, we'll make it out of this mess.
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'Yes.'"

Oh, oh.

Soon, Hinata found herself pulled back to his chest with his arm around her chest before he pulled at her arm once more causing her to spin on the dance floor a ways away from Naruto and once she found herself to stop spinning, he just stood there, staring at her. Hinata wondered why he would stare at her like that for a moment. His gaze, they were searching her for something, anything really… Why would he stare at her like that?

Had she done something wrong or was it something else? Hinata wrapped her arms around herself thinking that he was just going to leave her alone at the dance… Her heart was beating wildly in her chest to the point that it may burst from her very chest…

But then, he nodded before taking a few steps back then did a running start, a few flips that turned into him doing cartwheels, then back flips before he landed in front of Hinata, his arm around her shoulders as he dipped her once more, so close to it that she could almost feel the back of her head touching it…

I got tired of waiting
Wondering if you were ever coming around.
My faith in you was fading
When I met you on the outskirts of town.
And I said...

Then, the young man pulled her back up, Hinata’s back now pressing against his chest causing her heart to beat wildly within her own chest before she looked up at Naruto’s face as she tried to find any kind of emotion though nothing came to mind.

"Romeo, save me, I've been feeling so alone.
I keep waiting for you but you never come.
Is this in my head? I don't know what to think."
He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring and said...

Breathing gently, Hinata felt Naruto wrap his one arm around her stomach as they took just simple steps, it was weird to be dancing like this though she wasn’t going to complain about this, and soon she felt Naruto reach for her hand and held it gently within his own. His hand, it was amazing, she could feel the strength in his hand and yet, he was so very gentle, why hadn’t she known that until now? Was he just that careful with his own strength or was it something more? Well, it was hard to tell for sure, he was only trying to make sure that he never hurt her… the gesture that he was doing made it seem like he was trying to protect her from all the danger in the world… it was amazing…

"Marry me, Juliet, you'll never have to be alone.
I love you, and that's all I really know.
I talked to your dad – go pick out a white dress
It's a love story, baby, just say, 'Yes.'"

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh.

Soon, they were both skipping down the dance floor, Naruto holding Hinata carefully as they both smiled and danced. Moving back and forth to be honest as they skipped around on the dance floor, people had stopped and watched the two happy dancers and believed that they were perfect for each other. It was amazing that anyone could be having this much fun at the dance, for all the dances that had been held, they never saw two souls more perfect for each other and that was just so amazing, it was like a fairy tale coming to life…

'Cause we were both young when I first saw you...

Once the song was over, Naruto looked up at the clock as did Hinata and both saw that it was almost midnight already… Turning back to stare at the fox masked man; he calmly said “I want to go to the gardens… would you… like to join me Hinata?” It would be nice to get some fresh air and… she wanted to spend time with Naruto or at least to spend even more time with the man that… no, she couldn’t really be sure if that had happened… right?

Making her way out to the garden, Hinata and Naruto sat down on the bench that would over look at the garden… it was nice, the gardens had some beautiful lights and it made her wonder just how long it had taken the gardeners to get this done… to make it look this beautiful… Though, one thing still bothered her a great deal… “Naruto, why… why did you spend so much time with me? I thought… you wanted to look for that girl that you fell in love with as a child…”

Naruto chuckled a little before he turned to stare at her for a brief moment. “I did though Hinata… the girl I fell in love with, I had found her a while ago. Think back on what I had said Hinata… please…” he whispered the last part… Frowning a little, the young woman turned away as she tried to think back on what Naruto had said… he said that he found a little girl… so that had to mean she was lost right? Then he had brought her home but didn’t stay long enough to see her inside- wait…

Lifting her head, the young woman turned her head and stared at Naruto with wide eyes… that was… almost like how she met that boy when she was a child. There was no way that it could be him, but… then he said he moved, so that had to explain why she never saw him again after she was brought home right? That just had to mean something!

“The little girl had beautiful lavender coloured eyes and short blue hair… not many combinations like that.” Naruto said with a smile. “I wanted to see her again but I couldn’t because my family moved away…” He gave her a gentler smile as he said “she was adorable back then… and the way her eyes looked… it made me think that I could get along with her no problem…”

“That… that little girl… it couldn’t have been…”

“It was you Hinata… I met you as a kid and got to meet you again.”

“But… how did you know I’d be here?”

Naruto went silent for a moment before turning away and let out a soft sigh. “I didn’t know I would even find you this quickly. You see, Sasuke and Sakura told me you’d be here when I told them the reason for why I came to town… Sasuke told me that you had light lavender eyes and long blue hair, and that as a child you had it short for a while. So, they dropped me off here while they went to get a parking spot and I guess we kind of missed them when we were dancing.” He looked up at Hinata for a moment as he said “and… when I saw the sadness in your eyes, I knew that I had to cheer you up. I had to get you to smile… to make you happy.”

Hearing that made Hinata blushed a little, and blushed a little more when Naruto had grabbed a hold of her hand. “Hinata, I wanted to make tonight special for you… I had heard from Sakura that you had gone through many terrible men in your life that they only cared about your appearance and nothing more. I wanted you to have fun tonight…” He smiled gently before holding her close to his chest. Hinata blushed a little as she tried to calm down her wildly beating heart before taking a deep breath and tried to get herself to calm down…

It was rather strange that he would do all of that just to make her happy and that she was the girl that he wanted to meet again, because he had fallen in love with her. Peeking up at him, the young woman asked “but… why did you still love me even as an adult Naruto?” Her voice sounded a little meek, or maybe shy. It was rather odd of course though maybe it was because she was a shy person either way…

“Love is a fickle thing Hinata. You can’t help with who you fell in love with… You can’t help with who captures your heart and I just wanted to see you again, to see if you still remembered me… Now, even if you didn’t love me Hinata, I would still want you to be happy nothing more. If you love me, then you do, if not, then I hope you find someone who loves you and treats you with respect, the kind that you deserve.”

Hinata blushed darkly before the chime of the clock started to run out throughout the entire hall all the way to the garden. Naruto pushed himself up before pulling Hinata to her feet a little. He smiled as he said “well, it’s time to remove our masks…” His eyes, they shined so brightly, it made her think that was his soul that shined… His soul, it was so pure… the kind of soul that’s he never knew a man could possess… Oh how she wanted to keep looking at his eyes forever and ever…

Naruto reached up and carefully grabbed his mask and lifted it from his face then rubbed his hand over his face before he fully removed it. Shaking his wild spiky blonde hair, Naruto opened his eyes as he stared at Hinata. His cheeks had three whisker marks on it, though she found them to look adorable on the man’s handsome face. Looking up, Hinata saw that his face was sturdy, strong with no fat in his face at all what so ever… In fact it almost seemed impossible for him to even have been a child since she saw no form of childish in his expression even though he was all about fun at the sight of his eyes.

Hinata couldn’t help but say “your… you’re so handsome… why would you want to be with someone like me?” Sure, Hinata wasn’t about appearances but if someone is handsome, she didn’t feel like she could be worthy of them at all… that she wouldn’t be worthy of that man in the least or to even look at the man. It was something that always made her sad at the thought of it…

“Hinata…” the young woman turned her gaze to look up at Naruto, his eyes once again serious as he went on… “I don’t care about your looks, to me; you’re beautiful on the inside. That is the only thing I ever saw when I looked at you, was your inner beauty…”

Hinata still seemed nervous about removing her mask, she didn’t look like she would ever remove it so, Naruto asked the blue haired woman if he could remove it for her… and her reply? “Yes…” After setting down his own mask, the blonde haired man reached over and carefully untied the ribbon behind Hinata’s head and slowly removed the mask before staring at the woman as she slowly moved her head to gaze up at Naruto. “I know, I’m not much to look at Naruto…”

All he could do was give her a soft smile before reaching out and gently grabbed her hand, pulling her to his chest. “Hinata… you’re beautiful… on the inside, and the outside… your beauty is all around and through you. I would be happy spending every day to make you happy and make sure that you smile for your smile, is brighter than the sun and perfect as the moon.”

The only thing Hinata could do was stare at him with wide eyes at his words. Her eyes started to fill up with tears, for that was something that she had always wanted to hear from someone… Or at least someone that wasn’t her best friend or her family. The tears rolled down her cheeks causing Naruto to reach over and gently wipe away her tears with the pad of his thumb. “Hinata, I love you… what do you feel for me…?” asked Naruto.

Sniffling, she said “I love you… because see me for more than my appearance…” She wanted to cry, but she didn’t want to make Naruto to feel bad. Lifting her head, the young woman saw Naruto leaning forward, head dipping low as Hinata closed her eyes, lifting her head up as she felt Naruto pressing his lips to hers…

Now she finally understood the story about the dance… The masks were to hide yourself so people had to see you for who you are on the inside to see if you had a beautiful soul, or an ugly soul… Naruto had a beautiful soul as he claimed she had a beautiful soul as well. It seemed that the dance had helped her to find her true love after all, for this had only blossomed into a beautiful relationship for the two lovebirds…

The End.


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