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Gender: Female
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Age: 24
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06/08/2021 01:22 PM 

FFXV Male OC 1

β˜†Astral Version Availableβ˜†

Name: Caeruleus Gratia
Name Meaning: Rough translations, "Caeruleus - sky blue" "Gratia - grace"
Stage Name: Mad Blue
Nicknames: Caer, Mischief, Trouble Maker
Age: 17
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 5'6 
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Sky Blue-Cyan
Hair: White, fading into cyan at the ends and throughout his short hair. Sports longer strands on both sides of his head. 
Voice: Bennet from Genshin Impact (Christina Vee Valenzuela), his singing voice is melodic and can reach a wide range.
S/O: Homosexual - Demiromantic - Bottom/Sub
Relationship Status: Single
Occupation: Pop Star - Sings and Dances
Scars: None. 
Piercings: None. 
Tattoos: Nope.
Weapon of Choice: A pair of pistols his brother insists on him carrying - 
Along with a knife -
Outfit/Clothes: Stage Attire - (middle and left most clothing) 
Casual - 
Lounge Wear - (clothing on the furthest right) 
General - Top: ( + Skirt: ( + Stockings: ( + Boots: (
Figure: See his appearance image, he has an effeminate frame. 
Turn Ons: Wouldn't really know, but he's contemplated a few things….
Likes: His fans, being mischievous, being a pop star, dancing and singing, reptiles, following anyone he finds interesting around. 
Dislikes: Overly strict rules or stuck up people, his narcolepsy, overbearing people, spiders. 


Notes: Despite carrying the pistols, Caer is not a fighter, they're merely for self defense at the insistence of his brother. His narcolepsy is most prominent to take over after he exerts a lot of energy, he is prone to passing out on his feet occasionally, though. His tendency to cause trouble seems to only further endear his fans and annoy his haters. He has the worst diet known to mankind.


Personality: Caer is a very mischievous and devious individual, while he never means any actual harm, he does get himself into trouble quite frequently. He can be rather dark and morbid when his humor is concerned, or when it comes to his general thoughts to be honest. He is also blunt and open about himself, has a semi-foul mouth and does not care about ranking or social status. To him everyone is equal but just have different talents and abilities. He can be a bit gruff and often referred to as a punk by those that dislike him. He embraces the image fully to spite them. 


Bio: Caer was raised by his brother for the most part, his mother passed during his birth and father died on a hunt. He doesn't let it bother him at all however, happily moving on with his life. He rose to pop star fame unintentionally after participating in his school's talent show at age 13. Since then his popularity has grown exponentially with young audiences ranging from 12 to 20 year olds over the course of his life. 


Pets: A python, "Marble" - 


House/Residence: He shares a fancy condo with his brother in Insomnia, though during travel he heavily prefers staying at a hotel than camping.


Theme Songs:

(Samples of his music more like but meh.)

Loving you is a losing game tiktok ver. (Slowed+Reverb) 

[Daycore] Saints (lyrics) 


pitbull & t-pain - her baby (slowed+reverb) 


"Damnit, stop being such a mother hen!"


"The hell are you staring at?"


"Whatever it is, I probably did it." 


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