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06/08/2021 11:16 PM 

Code of Conduct
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Hello all, i figured I'd post this i seen a few others do it so i thought I'd do it as well. 

Here are my rules so that way we have a general basis of what i do and dont allow in rp. 

1. Most important is have fun, if you dont see a char you like please let me know; i will make you one. I want you to be just as happy as i am with the rp, this comes down to little details like hair color preferences, body type or even just general likes and dont likes in an rp. As most of you already know I am female, however I do play both male and female characters. Both sexes are welcome on my page. 

2. Please dont be a grammar nazi.  I have a learning disability in which I dont physically understand the difference between say your and you're. I try my best, and you will also know what I'm am trying to say. 

3. About the rp itself. I myself para to novel when it comes to post size. The one thing that will drive me up the wall is giving me one line to a multi para post. I do allow mature content, so feel free to allow the rp to take it where it wants to go. Only thing i will not do is scat play, removal of limbs *unless you can put them back*. I do almost anything, if you have questions feel free to ask me before hand; I am a very open book 

4. If you are stuck on a post or dont know where to go, dont ghost me; let me know and we can figure something out. I have added characters or did something different in a rp to spice it up. 

5. If you add me at least talk to me. Dont add me and just ghost me. Same with the rp post if your busy or have to do something that's fine i understand, but please dont make me wait a month for one post; i will lose interest in the rp all together having to wait that long. 

I'm sure more will come up as i get use to being on here but this is all i can think of right now. 


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