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Triboulet's Edges

Cleave: Any melee weapon the Jet wields suddenly becomes much more potent. The weapon can be already dangerous, fairly harmless like a stick or even his own fists. He can even manifest a melee weapon where none was before, invisible to normal people.

Smolder: Produces a cloud of thick black smoke. It shields the hunter from all mortal perception and most supernatural awareness. Sight, smell, heat perception and most hearing is baffled and even firing a shotgun barely sounds as loud as a finger snap.

Track: If Jet touches a supernatural target and causes it to leave a smoky streamer behind, roiling in the direction the subject travelled. It cannot be touched, felt, or be scattered by wind or being walked through. The trail is normally only visible to the hunter who places it.

Surge: A tingling sensation that can be directed to different body parts and used for extraordinary bursts of strength, remarkable speed or shunted into the bones and skin to absorb damage.

Firewalk: Makes Jet take less damage from flames. High temperatures don't harm them. Anything short of industrial-grade temperatures is unlikely to do damage. Such protection doesn't extend to clothes and possession

Smite : Jet gestures, and something akin to lightning and fire erupts from his body and incinerates whatever he's angry at. It produces a blazing light, a deafening crash and ammonia stench. Electronic equipment nearby is scrambled and glass breaks.

Forewarn: as Jet becomes more immersed deeper into the hunt, they become more sensitive to threats. His senses alert him just before a hazard emerges, a "danger sense" with an unique warning to the hunter.

Pinpoint: Gains insight into the weakness of a supernatural creature. Sometimes the information comes in the form of a vision and others as simple intuition. Experienced hunters can identify some monsters through their weakness. Has no effect on mortals.

Ravage: A gas pours from the hunter and travels where they gesture. Supernatural creatures react violently to it, as it seems to corrupt and decay their very bodies. Even intangible creatures aren't safe. Human targets will experience deep emotional trauma. The wielder of Ravage will get sick, having stomach pains, coughing and vomiting.

Burn : The hunter is infused with a searing energy visible to everyone as if lava was running through their veins. Touching the hunter in this state is painful and damaging.


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