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06/08/2021 03:50 PM 

My hero academia background

She wears her heart on her sleeves, a stubborn personality and a mouth she can’t control. A quirk as unique as she is and unlike one that any have ever seen. Her name? Capri (Not her real name but her vigilantly name). Capri is an elder sister of a large family and fought to protect not to mention support. At a young age Capri lost her parents to villains that came to take Capri and her siblings away; however, thanks to her parents they managed to escape. With little money and supplies to survive on Capri and her second oldest brother Luke hid their younger siblings while they went to look for supplies to keep them healthy and alive. However, that proved more difficult than they had imagined. Luke and Capri barely made it through pick pocketing or taking the odd jobs that paid little to nothing for young labor in order to make ends meat for them and their siblings. 

It wasn’t long until Capri and Luke both found out about the under ground fights where people with unique quirks fought for money and connections. However, as tempted as they were they didn’t turn to the fights for money. Despite the hardships both siblings held onto the warnings that their parents gave them. Never show your quirks to anybody unless it was life or death situation. 

As the months passed, Capri grit teeth and bared the cruelest of treatments from her employer that daily degraded her and at times slapped her when she’d drop a crate by accident. Regardless of the treatment she stood back up and continued to work on days Luke would have days off so he could take care of the others. It was only until one winter when Tamara her younger sister and Luke were both diagnosed with bronchitis. With only enough money to give them clothes, food and a proper education Capri didn’t have the money to buy them medicine. 

Knowing full well that no matter how many shifts she took or how much she tried to steal during the winter she wouldn’t have enough to get them medicine. So she turned to the underground fighting arenas; however, it was pay to fight. Tired, malnourished and weak from fatigue Capri paid her way into the first round and began to make her name in the battle arena. To hell with the promise she made to her parents about hiding her quirk. To hell with being afraid of singled out as a freak, she’d deal with the isolation and deal with the ridicule if it meant that her family was taken care of. 

She was done being weak, she was done being the doormat for others to step over. She was done holding back. Battle after battle, she maintained the winning steak and with each win she earned more and more money. With the money came connections and with the connections came jobs; however, with the attention came the commission. 

However, where to locate was something the commission dispute the amount of hero’s they had their claws in could not locate her. Always in the battle arena, she’d wear a mask over her face and wore it around the battle arena never once taking it off to reveal her face. Any notable feature that would make her stand out from a crowd she made sure to cover to keep the commission off of her trail or sore losers from the fights from following her. 

When Capri made a name for herself in the underground battle arenas she began to make a name for herself amount the vigilantes. Taking the steps needed that hero’s were held back because of laws. Which didn’t earn her the best light for the hero’s in the city. Often she’d be found completing bounty hunting jobs that would take place during hero missions. What little interactions she did have with the hero’s or civilians / policy, she was said to be cocky and a smart ass. Quick on her feet and blunt with her thoughts / words. Goal oriented and attention to detail not to mention ruthless when fighting. 

Her name ? Capri and her quirk? You’ll have to see for yourself in order to believe. 


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