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06/09/2021 04:43 PM 

Siri Yuki side story

Since the beginning of time, man has forever been evolving. Along with this evolution, has come great technology. As technology has evolved, there are those that would seek to evolve the human body even further. Wishing to progress not only the human body but also the human mind. With every generation children are born in into this world. However amongst those Millions there's always that one in a million that is considered a child prodigy. But what was considered unlikely finally happened a child being born that must seem inhuman. Her name is Siri Yuki. Siri was abandoned as a child, but it wouldn't take long for the world to take an interest in this little girl. 

 Although she was raised in foster care, she had a brilliant mind. At first the child's brilliant mind would go unnoticed, at the age of five she was adopted into a small family home. However sadly the parents that chose to adopt her or alcoholics and actually very abusive. They had adopted many children to collect checks from the state. They would barely feed or take care of their children usually leading to them getting into trouble because of stealing, we're getting involved with gangs. However unlike her adopted siblings Siri would find other means to take care of of herself and her siblings. She found that she had a very simple understanding of computers. When she was very young she got introduced to her first computer. This was the beginning to show in the world the brilliant mind that was going unseen. She was in a natural child prodigy for hacking. 

 it didn't take her but a few years before she was already able to pull off large-scale criminal Acts. At only the age of 12 she was able to set up a program that would run automatically. It would steal small amounts of money from thousands of accounts taking no more than maybe a dollar or a few cents. Very carefully routing the money back to a bank account that was almost untraceable because of her understanding. She would use this to provide the money for her siblings and even for parents that she considered fairly ungrateful.

 however as brilliant as she was these acts did not go fully unnoticed individuals also connected to the dark web with start taking notice. She would gather the attention of other hackers. Someone see it as a challenge trying to find her. Because of people speaking her out it made her life quite difficult. Before she knew it she found herself back into a corner. She had sent out matched, however the individual that took an interest in her. Decided he wish to groom her, because of this she was left without a choice but to go work for him. Leaving her family and everything she knew behind. Without a Trace her true identity was erased. 

 to be continued....
this is a poorly written rough sample I will probably post more in the future about her.


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