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Character History

For years, the boar prince and I were inseparable. I know him better than almost anyone else. So let me give you some advice. Beneath all that princely polish, he's an animal, nothing more. He's strong and skilled, sure. But don't place your trust in him as a human being. Take care he doesn't chew you up and spit you out."*



Name: Dimitri Alexandre Blaiddyd]


Age: 17 pre-skip. 23 post-skip.


Profile: Dimitri is the crown prince of the Holy Kingdom of Faerghus. When he was just 14, his father, step-mother, and countless knights sworn to protect him were all killed in a diplomatic mission known as the Tragedy of Duscur, in which Dimitri was the sole survivor. He would be haunted by this event, obsessed with revenge against those who orchestrated it, taking on a duty to please those who died for him. In the imperial year 1180, Dimitri would enter the officers academy at Garreg Mach Monastery as head of the Blue Lion house, where he would meet, and potentially be instructed by Professor Byleth. In his time at the officers academy, Dimitri’s would gradually become more ruthless as truths about the Tragedy of Duscur began to surface, with ties to the Flame Emperor becoming more apparent. Finally, in a showdown in the Holy Tomb, the Flame Emperor would be revealed as his childhood friend Edelgard. This event causes Dimitri to completely snap, directing all his rage towards the Imperial Princess. 5 years later, Dimitri would reunite with his class, but a shell of his former self, consumed by his anger and revenge, and needing his friends to pull him from his darkness, his war concluding with a showdown against Edelgard herself.


Dimitri begins as an epitome of chivalry, and an honorific knight. He possesses immense strength, causing him to frequently break fragile objects, an outwardly kind person that enjoys training, fair fights, and helping others. However, underneath, Dimitri hides a ruthless demeanor, referred to as the boar, stemming from his obsession towards the dead, tormented by the Tragedy of Duscur that took his family from him. Dimitri is consumed by voices and apparitions of those who have died for him, going as far as to converse with these apparitions directly. Dimitri eventually wishes to rebuild Fódlan, in order to put a stop to the cycle of the strong trampling the weak.


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