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06/13/2021 06:34 PM 

Mental Health
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Current mood:  distraught

So this will give a good insight for people how my brain operates and why the reason why I act the way I do. I’m no looking for a boo hoo sympathy card. 

Autism medium scale.

People think having Autism is hilarious and is fun to joke about. But I think people need to have someone Autistic in their lives and see how hilarious it is if one of their family members had the disorder. I was misdiagnosed for 10 years straight. Many doctors thought I had ADHD but I didn’t. My behavior was so bad in high school I finally was forced to go see a psychologist in the Autism field the school assigned me to and there I found out I was Autistic at the age of 13.  

What does Autism cause and effects?

I don’t like making eye contact. This is part of a Autistic symptom apparently according to a few doctors I been to. 

Body language and emotional and communication barriers. I’ve a hard time understanding body language and communication more than emotional. Like I don’t know if someone is trying to self attack me then I get self defensive. Blow up and shut down and storm off and need 30 mins of cooling down time. 

I prefer to be isolated and cocooned and somewhere where I feel safe and nestled. 

I don’t like certain fabrics or materials and I want them off me. According to doctors this is a Autistic thing as well. 

Autism isn’t a personality disorder as many people think Autism is. The reality of Autism is we don’t have a normal functioning brain like a human being. Our brains are chemically wired differently.  Don’t feel bad if you don’t understand or get Autistic people. Because I’ve been blocked countless times because. Why can’t you talk normally? Make sense. What is wrong with you? Do I need therapy for a few years?

But let me tell you something my caseworker that I work with said there is professional doctors till this day that still don’t fully understand where Autism originated from or how to handle that. However she works with clients with the same disorder as me and she agrees about how I said our brains aren’t wired and don’t think like a normal human functioning brain she even agreed with me. I’ve to see my caseworker until I get SSI and help from Tri County to find a part time job online working from home as Tri County said yes you can get SSI and work part time online if I wanted to. This is what my caseworker has told me.

Do I think there is a cure for Autism? No, there is no way you can chemically alter someone’s brain without the use of harmful mild sedative drugs to make them into a zombie state and anchor them in a false reality. There is no organic or natural compound to alter someone’s brain back to normal. That is impossible.  I don’t mean this negative. I’m using this as a logical standpoint.

Depression and sleep probs.

After reading my Space Hey account do I need to explain this to you why I’ve very bad thinking habits and depression?  

My doctor said I only have mild insomnia because I can only stay up till 10 A.M.  and no later without any sleep aid. Also my mind is very hyperactive at night and I described how I feel more awake at night than day time and I feel very sluggish and slow and unmotivated at day time. No spunk at all. Sometimes I’ve to use coffee. Apparently two cups of coffee is highly healthy for you and full of antioxidants so Google says. I also know if I don’t take a Multivitamin that I feel terrible and not have a lot of energy strength throughout the day at all. So I know my Multivitamin is working because I forgot them at my sister’s visit one time and I felt very bad. That is like when I forgot my natural sleep aid Valerian Root. Omg that was awful. My sleep pattern was getting worse as each day passed. Never again will I forget my Valerian root again. You’ve to take two or three of these depending on how bad your nights are but I pass out within 30 minutes. 

Slight PTSD.

Gun noises. Fire crackers. Paranoia something is out to get me or harm me. Trauma from bullying and other trauma you will read on my Space Hey.

Mild adaptive behavior disorder.

I still don’t understand what this means even by Google. I don’t comprehend the words I’m being told but I recently found this out by my IQ and psychological test from Tri County evaluating me to send papers to SSI. 

I don't understand the scores as well. I even Googled them and I still don't understand them. I got a 42 on socialization. A 58 scoring of daily living skills. I got a communication scoring of 66. Maybe people that know this scoring chart will understand what this means? If you know what this means then that's great for you then because maybe this will tell you why I act the way I do to a certain degree standpoint etc.

Borderline mentally retardation because my IQ is 79 but you’re going to rate someone that because I can’t do IQ flash card puzzles and I guessed at everyone of them? Also I never done one of these IQ puzzles in my life. So you shouldn't blame me for randomly guessing. As well as because I can only understand 8th grade comprehension? Okay then sounds very unfair to me. So your dumb if you don’t know how what do one subject. Also I had to be bypassed in math in 8th grade because I couldn’t pass no matter how many tries I was given by the school so they bypassed me somehow I don’t know how I don’t remember.  I also failed the high school English essay test four times and the school gave up. Didn’t help either when my teacher came by my desk and said “read the instructions and pointed at the book as she walked away” only four people passed her class and that says something. The school also refused and made some excuse like ''we don't have an extra spot for you for another English teacher'' sounds like a load of bull crap to me. 

Do I plan on getting a GED?

No. Why do I need some paper that I passed and if I'm not going to work in person? I see no point of getting one or paying $200 to get one.

Does my Son have these issues?

No and I should be blessed by the Moon by this.

Does anyone has these disorders in the family? No I'm the only one

My Space Hey account and no you don't need an account to view this. I also updated on my FP page which you also don't need an acount for more in detial about this. Which is in my recent new blogs.


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