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06/13/2021 07:09 PM 

Physical Health
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So these physical flaws are non fixable due to

When I got asked about was I given braces for my pigeon toed deformity well here is your answer. I refused braces from doctors and for my legs my parents got me into dance class and this was for to strengthened them and kept them straight. I didn't like the bracers and would try getting them off and freaked out. Probably an Autistic thing because I do that with clothes that I don't like the feel of. I did some further research on pigeon toed feet that some people with this condition their feet can revert back to normal like grow out of being crooked and mine didn't I'm one of the rare ones where my feet just never grew back straight.

Back in the 90's when I was born the surgery success rate was 50 percent. That was told to my parents by the doctor. That is the highest percent rate that the surgery could work to make my legs and feet normal. So my parents said no.

Micro scarring needs a dermatologist which I've zero money for. This is what depression does to someone you lack the mentality state to take care of yourself. Also I exfoliated my face two or three times a day when I was a teen which probably left to my own demise and I let my own mental health destroy me. Mentally. Spiritually. My Will. My whole being in a sense because I was mentally tortured at high school and that's what things felt like. I told my Tri County SSI evaluator that I was never suicidal. I mentality collapsed.

No dental insurance to fix my rotten tooth that I've due to severe depression in high school and didn't take care of myself. I also need to be completely sedative which spikes the cost up even more.

But let's get the topic on the road.

Born pigeon toed. This is a physical flaw where the toes and feet are crooked and point inward like a pigeon.

I got my bow leggedness from my dad but not as bad but still I've zero pain tolerance and I can feel the right side of my knee hurting at the joints. I'm not talking about the knee cap. The side of the knee joint.
My right leg hurts worse than the left leg but that's probably because I put all my pressure and weight on the right leg then I do the left. I've to force myself to stand up straight. Because if I don't use any force my knees start to bow outward.

Have I done physical therapy? No I don't have any insurance plus that would be another hassle for my aunt to take me to physical therapy. Yes I know this is severely unhealthy not exercising my legs to make them stronger but the pain hurts and I'm a wuss and I chicken sh*t out. THIS IS MY PROBLEM. NOT POINTING THE BLAME AT ANYONE!

If surgery was a higher success rate now would you?

No. I would be wheelchair bound and screwed because when my dad will be at work I've zero people to help me with my son. I also have nobody to get me in the shower or lift me in the shower or to help me bathe myself and same with me getting in the bed. I also have nobody to help me get dressed and other things like that.

Does heat feel good on your knee joints and ankles? Yes makes them less stiff. So that tells you right there that I'm starting to have arthritis and I'm only 28.

Some things that people that don't know about me I started having a sunken face at the age of 28. But I recently started Collagen and I notice my dark lines are slowly going away and my face doesn't look so sunken in and my face looks fuller. However I have only been taking this for a week and a half. Full results don't show till 4-6 weeks. According to Google. I don't know how and don't ask me and I'm not making my aunt or my dad pay for a doctor to know why my Collagen dropped so bad at the age of 28. Also fun about Collagen. Collagen is very good for IBS and acidic stomach problems and also transfers sugar into energy and helps with metabolism. I notice a big change in my digestion and sorry to say this guys but less passing gas due to IBS.

For more information just check my Friend Project account as I will be uploading new blogs there. Also read the general part of my profile to! To get insight on my high school bullying and what happened!

Which brings me up to tell you guys something. Will I ever join Space Hey again? I don't know I wasn't well liked there and I only got a few friend requests and left my account online afk for a few days? Yeah probably not. I could try Space Hey one more time to see and if not delete my account within a month instead of just one day trying.

I'm 5 and flux between 92-96 pounds my sis is 5'4 and weighs twice as me. I don't feel like discussing this and leaving my sister out of this online. She is 33 and she doesn't do these online websites like I do etc.

Anyways on a brighter note look forward to my video game and hobby blog next week! So stay tuned and enjoy!


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