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August 2nd, 2021

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Gender: Female

Age: 21
Country: Japan

Signup Date:
May 14, 2021


06/14/2021 12:13 PM 

Read Before Adding!

Things to know:
I know it's hard to believe coming from a female, but I only want roleplay.
Keep that noodle in your pasta bowl. 

- I'm interested in any and all characters/OCS from the BNHA verse.
- Everyone else is fine as well! I can be flexible with other verses.
- All I ask is if you add, please say something. I don't bite, but I delete or block. ;p
- Third person roleplay preference, multi para up to novella.
- Heavy male preference.
- 1% chance I'll add girls and keep them on my list. Sorry not sorry.
- Not the greatest fan of random starters, but I might reply to them. MIGHT.
- No children, furries, pokemon or anyone with pure smut intentions.
- I'M NOT A FCKING p0rn ACCOUNT. Don't try to force smut on me, you bitch nugget.
- Natural developments of characters is the best way forward. Period.

Warning - Reasons I deleted/blocked you

- Your post style is sub par and leaves much to be desired.
I'm just not interested or feel bored. Sorry not sorry.
- You're a fcking freak that tells me you want to jizz on my feet or other forms of degeneracy.
- Won't stop adding me for the 20th time
- Not able to manage a hello and or take weeks just to finish a discussion and not even roleplay. 
- Being an obvious p0rn account/thot with titties/d*ck that takes up 90% of your profile picture.
- Your character is a god damn child, animal or something equally fcked up. Get a therapist.
- Trying to force a character ship between our characters and forbid me from rping with others.

I'm just so tired of idiots on this site.
(this is a joke btw, don't be a fcking snowflake over the equivalent of saying 'F word')


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