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06/14/2021 08:36 PM 

Verses/Fandoms I like
Category: Guidelines

A)Video Games
1.Final Fantasy XIV (and it’s expansions)

2.Kingdom Hearts Series

3.Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy

4.Dissidia Final Fantasy Series

5.Final Fantasy Type-0

6.Final Fantasy VII Remake

7.Crisis Core Final Fantasy VII

8.Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning

9.Horizon Zero Dawn

10.Nier Automata

11.Super Mario Series

12.Final Fantasy X

13.Bendy and the Ink Machine

14.Little Nightmares Series

15.World of Final Fantasy

16.Attack on Titan 2

17.Sword Art Online

18.Super Smash Bros Series

19.Tales of Berseria

20.God Eater (Resurrection, 2, and 3)

21.Crash Bandicoot Series

22.Dragon Age Series

23.Resident Evil Series

24.Paper Mario Series

25.Mario Party Series

26.Genshin Impact

27.The Last of Us

28.Tomb Raider

29.Danganronpa Series

30.Sonic Series

31.Final Fantasy XV

32.Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

33.Assassins Creed Series


35.Tales from the borderlands


37.Heavy Rain

38.Beyond Two Souls

39.Five Nights at Freddys

40.Injustice Series (DC Video Game)

41.Nier Replicant

42.Final Fantasy XII

B)Movies/Anime/TV Shows
1.Joker (2019)

2.Teen Titans

3.Marvel Cinematic Universe

4.Saw Series

5.Watchmen (2009)


7.Pirates of the Caribbean

8.Code Lyoko

9.Gabriel (2007)

10.Legion (2010)

11.Dark Knight Trilogy

12.Spider-Man (Sam Raimi Trilogy)

13.Eagle Eye (2008)

14.Cabin In The Woods

15.WWE (Wrestling in general)

16.RWBY (Volumes 1 - 7)

17.RWBY Chibi


19.Star Wars (Episodes 1 - 6)

20.John Wick Series

21.Lara Croft Series

22.Tucker and Dale VS Evil

23.Indiana Jones Series

24.Zombieland Series

25.Shawn of the Dead

26.OO7 Series

27.Terminator Series

28.Escape Plan

29.Expendables Series

30.Harry Potter Series

31.Yugioh Series




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