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July 29th, 2021

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Gender: Male

Age: 37
Country: United States

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June 14, 2021


06/14/2021 09:15 PM 

The Rules

We live in a world ruled by law and rules and here are mine.

1) I do rp mature themes but I do not solely roleplay mature themes. It has to make sense in the story otherwise no thank you.

2) Don't just send me a invite and go silent. If you add first, hit me up. Let's chat.

3) I do not ask for much but what I do ask for is some effort. Try a little and I will do the same.

4) I am a prince of typos so I am just fine with that on the receiving end. However, please at least try to put together well structured sentences... Please.

5) If you are respectful to me, then I am respectful to you. It's simple. Let's keep it like that.

6) I love to craft stories but please do not put the bulk of the story telling on me. Let's do this together.

7) Life happens, especially during these crazy times. So, with that in mind, I do not it make take time in between posts. I'm perfectly fine with that but please do not leave me hanging for toooo long.

8) My characters are mine. Let me make the hard decisions regarding them. With that said, no god modding, maiming, or anything of that nature. Let's talk out story points and what should happen to BOTH of our characters.

9) Have fun. That's why I am here after all. I'm open to suggestions and criticisms as well sooooo yea. Have fun.

10) Lastly I RP in a fantasy forum, FFXIV, annnnnnd on discord as well. Just ask if you're interest.


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