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Villain Deku

Izuku midoriya has always been a bit weird, disturbed, if you will. it’s not like he had a bad childhood, he actually had a pretty good one. for the most part. Izuku was born an only child, and for a while, he didn’t have many friends. all he really had was his mom, and himself, he doesn’t really know what happened to his dad since his mom never told him, so, Izuku just assumed he left. as a child, Izuku displayed rather… disturbed traits. though, despite that, he was always very sweet and kind, and quiet. but, that was only towards his mother, as she was the only person he was really familiar with, he didn’t really talk to anyone at school. one day, inko became friends with a lady named Mitsuki Bakugou. upon meeting her, Mitsuki decided to bring her son over for a playdate, and that’s when Izuku met Katsuki Bakugou.

Izuku had never had any friends, so he immediately attached himself to katsuki. after a while of knowing him, he began to exhibit traits of being very clingy and overly attached, which after a while, began to creep bakugou out, but no matter how many times he tried to distance himself from Izuku, he would just keep coming back. izuku’s attachment soon became something more than just being clingy. at the beginning of middle school, Izuku had began to grow a habit of stalking bakugou. he secretly followed him around after school, took pictures of him, kept tracking devices on him with his knowledge of it, put microphones and small cameras around his house, mainly in Katsuki’s room so he could listen to everything. Izuku’s small childhood attachment soon became a full blown obsession. at this point, katsuki despisedIizuku. he would yell at him, beat him up, even going as far as bullying him to make him go away. but nothing made Izuku leave. katsuki soon became aware of Izuku’s stalking after finding him in his home at night on multiple occasions, often finding him just standing in his room watching him. Katsuki absolutely hated him. But Izuku absolutely fell head over heels for him.

Izuku wanted to be a hero one day. he’d wanted to be one since he was a child. but, Izuku didn’t have a quirk. he was completely quirkless, and he didn’t think anyone could become a hero with simple knife throwing skills. but, he was determined to get into UA high. which is exactly where Katsuki was going. avoid going another school year with Izuku, Katsuki decided to amp up his bullying. so, he beat up Izuku whenever he got close to him, destroyed his things, harassed him, verbally abused him whenever he had the chance, etc etc. a few months before the end of their eighth grade year, Izuku dropped out of school, and instead spent his days at home. since childhood, izuku’s disturbed traits only seemed to increase, especially since he met Katsuki.

He had told his mom on countless occasions that he had experienced auditory hallucinations, visual hallucinations, voices telling him things, self harmful thoughts, violent intrusive thoughts, etc. these traits only got worse when Izuku dropped out of school. the voices got louder, the hallucinations got worse, and eventually he snapped. he ended up assaulting and murdering his mother. he didn’t think twice about it afterward, instead he just went and packed some of his clothes, and left. a few weeks after, inko’s death had been reported by mitsuki, and izuku had been reported as missing. a while after that, Izuku was found and taken in by Tomura Shigaraki, and eventually met All For One.

a year or two later, Izuku was now an infamous villain who was with the LoV, and he very well knew that Katsuki had gotten into UA. Izuku has stopped stalking Katsuki, but he remains very very obsessed with him. one odd day, Izuku had been walking about, keeping his head down with a jacket and hood covering his face. that day, he met the hero, Denki Kaminari. surprisingly, they got along pretty well. they quickly became aware of each other’s hero and villain status, but they remained friends. when with Denki, Izuku feels just a little more normal. Denki is the only other friend Izuku has had, but when he exhibits his odd behavior, Denki often manages to call him out on it and get him to stop.

but, no matter how normal he feels, Izuku will always just be an infamous, emotionally imbalanced person.


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