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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 39
Sign: Sagittarius
Country: United States

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July 07, 2018


07/06/2021 02:02 PM 

Dan aka The Crimson Blade
Category: Stories

The Imaicho Village is a place where people come to trade and train if they are deem worthy enough or not besides from one day when shopping they come across a young boy that steals their money and food without being noticed. The young boy finally got caught one day and taking to the school as he was in front of the same group that he stole from. They tell the young boy that he can either home his skills in the school or face the charges and beheaded for the crimes. The boy decided to train at the school as he told them his name was Dan and he was holding a stone in his hand that was the color of crimson red.


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