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07/25/2021 02:37 PM 

★ As it goes~

She stood on the pinnacle of a skyscraper, staring deep into the sky. It was the tallest building in the city- the closest to the starry heavens. Cool breezes brushed against her and could have easily pushed her over, but she maintained perfect balance on the tip of the lightning rod. 

Parting her lips, she whispered to the stars. 

“I never had a chance to apologize, maybe it is undeserved but it clenches my soul… and I hate that squishing feeling. Who would have thought it would be a splinter in my side for so long? Sucks to admit it, but no matter how much I tried to push it down, it somehow always came afloat. Its time to let the guilt and the unnecessary burdens go. I now know what I am and of my natural destructive nature and I’m sorry that you got caught up in my scathing current. It wasn’t my intention, perhaps my curiosity played a big role. My love was real, I can admit that. Nonetheless...

Its time to let go.”

Spoken like a prayer, she smiled and slid off the building- rhythmically skating down the side of the glass walls with effortless maneuvers. 



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