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July 31st, 2021

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July 31, 2021


07/31/2021 12:38 PM 

in real life bits~ an few rules <3

1. I do not have a discord, sorry. My computer cannot handle it without crashing each game I play DX 
2. Yes I'm 21. Yes I role play a lolita(but this one has bewbs and a cute butt). Smut is there, but up to you if you want to do it or not.
3. I have work. I work as a baker, but currently we are closed due to covid. The hours are all effed up so...yeah...if I vanish; work, hahaha.
4. LARP-Live Action Role Play. I have role played as Lily when younger but not anymore as I grew. I felt like having her here with the image you see before you which is ungodly close to what she looks like.
5. No rushing =3=
6. Her gender: Futa. Nuff said. Only; no nuts
~will add more later~


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