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07/31/2021 05:17 PM 

Erin O'connor

Name: Erin O'connor (Used to be known as Mason)
Race: Human
Nickname: Rin ~ Echo
Age: 17 to 26
Gender: Female
Appearance: Strawberry Blonde hair ~ Right Green Eye and Left Golden Eye ~ Well Toned
Height: 5ft6"
Markings: Tattoo of a cat nose on her right wrist
Nationality: Irish English
Likes: ~ Dancing ~ Thought of being Rich ~ Whisky ~ Smoking Coke ~ Cats ~
Dislikes: ~ Reality ~ Obnoxious and Controlling People ~
Family: ~ Older Brother ~ Father ~
Personality: Erin is, honestly, a mess. She's fragile and does what she has to do to get by and earn money. She is addicted to coke and it's one reason she always needs the money. But she's not so easily walked over. She just can't fight physically or mentally like Evelyn.
Despite being a mess, she appears to be a bubbly happy go lucky woman that would help anyone and everyone, but she does have a sharp tongue on her.

Rp Style: Erin is a human that can fit into any universe or genre. 


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