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August 02, 2021


08/03/2021 12:58 PM 

Standard RP Rules
Category: Guidelines

-1.para, multi-para, novella are welcome. One liners are acceptable, but don't make it a habit. My primary language is English, so at least be semi literate, I understand that English is not everyone's first language. I have been writing roleplays for approximately 14-15 years, maybe longer.

-2. I do have a life outside of roleplay, please understand that I do get busy and can disappear anywhere from a few days to a few weeks. I am a fulltime college student and will be getting a fulltime job, so my schedule may be wonky.

-3. I do have multiple characters for multiple fandoms. This account is not limited to only one character nor one fandom. I am versed in quite a lot of areas.

-4. I do various genres (i.e, romance, action, adventure, angst, anime, comics, movies, books, N$FW, horror/gore, supernatural, superhero/villain) just to name a few. I am not picky on whom I write with just as long as they are not a sm*t seeker. Yes, I will write it, but I prefer character build up and development before hopping to writing "the deed".

-5. Please no god-modding, killing my character(s), controlling any if my character(s), no auto hitting if combat takes place, no CDMs (career death match)

-6. My D&D characters are all of homebrew with elements of 5E and 3.5. I am willing to do crossovers with them, preferably anything fantasy/adventure/action based. Some can be subject to romance if it is discussed.

-7. I do story driven roleplays. Random encounters are okay and I am always down for discussion. I prefer writing casually, but I can do competitive/tournament based stories. I will admit I am rusty with combat though. I typically use T-1 rules and styles.


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