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Hello and welcome to my profile and blog! :) Thank you kindly for taking the time out of your day or night to read over this. These are just a few simple things to refer to and keep in mind ic and out. ♥ This is a role-playing profile for Shionne Vymer Imeris Daymore from the game Tales of ARISE. 

WARNING  profile, samples, drabbles, headcanons, and role-play replies will contain spoilers. Please be advised when reading, interacting, or writing with. 

DISCLAIMER:  I do not own any of the artwork I use on this profile. I however have taken screenshots of my gameplay editing - cropping for my own personal use. 

NOTE: I do however carry claim to all of Shionne's headcanons, writing, and other character developments that were not otherwise implied in Tales of ARISE. Her bio - personality - appearance are written by me. 

I'm a very busy person offline from time to time. My work is rather hectic as well. So I won't be doing more than I can handle. So do expect slow or delayed replies. Friendly reminders are welcome just don't spam me.  Because of this, I do not have discord and I will not make one.

Roleplays are welcome in either comments or messages. I prefer small simple starters or ic starters or banter. Multipara to para are my lengths that can turn into novella. ^^;  I don't do group roleplays or role-play fighting - fights.  Spelling and grammar errors are fine so long as it's still readable & isn't text talk. I'm open to most verses and genres. 
#supernatural #mythical #highfantasy #sci-fi #horror #multiverse #feudal era #videogames #thriller-suspence #folklore #medievil #occult-school life #modren

Don't steal, take, alter, or edit over top of anything. I worked hard on my edits along with my writing and ideas.  I rarely edit for others since it gives me anxiety, and I'm a bit shy awkward. So if I'm not very talkative at times ooc wise this is why and also due to being worn out however small chit-chat is welcome. 

Drama. This is a drama-free profile. I will not participate in call-put posts, status drama. Therefore please respect me when I say I don't want any part in anyone's drama. I'm not here to pick sides or anything I'm only here to write and have fun like the rest of you.  My connections are not mains or favorites they are only people who I write with and feel I have formed a role-play connection.

Mature themes or adult content is for blood, gore, coarse language, and violence. I will not be writing erotica nor do I ship or write romance. This is not me bashing or attacking those that do but merely implying I don't have an interest in these things. Emotional scenes within an advanced roleplay and characters are welcome. So long as both the writer have discussed it and are okay with it. As well please don't mix real-life with role-play or anything of the sort.

If you don't understand something or feel uncomfortable at any time ooc or ic please tell me I cannot stress the nest few things enough. If you don't feel uncomfortable approaching me ooc wise then feel free to approach it in a separate roleplay. I do not control what others do or say nor am I responsible for them either. 


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