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09/21/2021 02:24 PM 

★ Irresponsible One.


For the first time in a long time, she trembled. 

Is this what defeat feels like? She searched for answers as the fog in her mind grew dark and heavy. Moments of her sanity began to slip away into chilling numbness.


The villagers ran for their lives during this bleak twilight hour. 
Blood curdling screams and cries dominated the soundscape of the entire village, as the ground crackled and rumbled below. The tremors ripped through the streets, swallowing all in its path. 

Staggered land caused buildings and homes to crumble and fall—

Ash and dust polluted the sky—

Shrieks of agony and terror were gradually faded out by the sounds of violent eruptions.—

Metallic black spikes of various sizes and shapes speared upwards from the cracks in the ground, impaling the unfortunate with sharpened jagged edges that branched outward- extending and multiplying in thorny waves. The behavior of this black metal phenomena was unusual- piercing and coiling around objects and people in a manner most vile. 

Helpless to it all, she held her face in her palms and wept where she knelt. Her area was sturdy and unharmed, while destruction ensued around her. There was nothing that could be done, other than to wait out the uncontrollable and relentless lashing of her power. 



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