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Love and Trust
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Love and Trust

Ino was creating a situation that she didn't realize she had the power to create on her own. She had the situation under control up until it became too much and she started getting consumed by the idea. It was simply an idea that she could become something someone was proud of. Simple, right? She wanted to become a popular kunoichi and a business woman. She wanted the credibility she deserved and wanted to be the one who worked hard to get there. The only issue was that she was weak, and she knew it. The only real thing she had at her disposal was her beauty, her long blonde hair, and baby blue eyes, fair skin, and her complexion. She looked younger than she was and while that earned her a good amount of boys' attention, she was not interested in any of it. She had no sex drive and she poured herself into her business at the hospital where she worked. She even worked weekends so she didn't have to think about how sadly single she was. She was lonely, and wished she had a partner to spend time with.

She had a few shows on tv that she had streamed so she could remind herself how pathetically single she was. She was working on duty at the hospital around 8:00 and she decided it was time to lock up. She grabbed her things, and locked the doors to the main lobby. She made an effort to secure the hospital and punched the number in the key pad that protected the building. She sighed as she walked to her car. She looked around, looking for anything out of the ordinary, and made a nervous walk to her car. She didn't like working nights, but this past few months she had been taking on more shifts at the hospital just because she didn't want to be alone. She knew her father was out on business, and she was busy at the hospital. It kept her mind off of things, and she was kept busy caring for the ill and injured, but sometimes her mind still wandered.

Ino was preparing herself for her drive home. She put her bag and purse in the back of the car and got into the front of the vehicle - a porche that her father bought her when she turned 16 and she maintained it since she bought it. It had miles on it, and it was a bit out of date, but still able to drive it and get her places. Ino was "flying" down the road, and sped towards her home while thinking that she was going to just take a nice hot bath and forget that she was lonely. She wanted to meet someone, someone that was kind, someone that was able to take her places, and someone who would get under her skin, make her angry, make her thrash out in anger, someone passionate, and someone who she would love no matter what.

Passion, drive, and determination; were all things she knew she wanted. She had a crush on Sasuke Uchiha in school. He was one of the most popular boys in school, but also the most lose men she'd ever seen. He was bisexual, and he had just as many boys as girls who were immobilized by his good looks and aloof attitude. Sometimes Ino felt herself blushing in his direction as well. She couldn't help with that black hair and onyx eyes. His pale skin, and six pack abs. She was really into him until her best friend Kiba came along and started hanging out with her more. She often felt Kiba was closer to her than Sasuke.

Sasuke was a crush but Kiba was more important to her in that way. She would not respond to Kiba's advances. Even if he tried, Ino wanted to be friends - nothing more than that. She did not want to ruin what they had and she wasn't going to acknowledge any feelings he might have. She didn't want to give him false hope that they might have a future together. However, their friendship was slowly starting to become more comfortable. Ino was able to be close to Kiba like a brother would a sister, and she never wanted anything to happen to them. She would protect their relationship no matter what, and her friends were everything to her. She would put her life on the line for someone like that.


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