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Gender: Female

Age: 26
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April 04, 2021


10/10/2021 10:08 PM 


Hi there 

 Full name Queen Karla UnderWorld 
Nickname: Queen Karla 
Age: 26 
Birthday 18/06/1995
 power skills Hybrid 
As a Werewolf:
Wolf transformation Superhuman strength As a Hybrid:
Mind compulsion Superhuman strength superhuman speed Manipulation
I am still half human but full wizard so I do have magic and powers together  
What’s the role of the character : Queen of 4 Kingdoms 
Children: I want more 
relationship is taken 
Other important persons: my personal Dominants 
Physical Characteristics
Color of Eyes: hazel 
The color of Hair: black 
Does the character smoke: no 
Hobbies: cooking , swimming , shopping , gaming , listening to music , watching TV show or movies , being a mother to my kids , being a partner or submissive. 
Hobby: Fighting for my kids as well as protecting them ,Killing people ,Getting revenge to those people who hurt me and destroy me 
Mental Characteristics
Fears: i fear that I am going to lose my husband , my kids or my connections to those people I love or who is my dominants and I fear that people leaves or blocks me and moves on I also fear being left alone or not wanted and welcome 
Life Goals: continue being a queen who is a sub to my dominants and being a queen to my kingdoms and being a good mother I love kids 
Rational Or Emotional: emotional 
How could you upset this character? Cheating on me , lie to me , hide things behind my back , using me , blocking me , leaving me for others or just leaving me, left out , unwanted, not accepting who I am , focused me to choose... , telling me what to do not unless your my dominants , talking about me , being rude to me , betraying me.... and not understanding me or listen to me 
I am bad girl I am also a slutty submissive who is a troublemarker, smartass , cheeky silly crazy ,stubborn , a teaser , loves roughly , desire with passionately and lust I am a innocent type but mostly I love males being Dominant to me 
I like males own me as their submissive and me being theirs I do get very strong deeply feeling and connections to those who I connection with 
Discord MaggieDarkness#3460
 things about my real life I will write it later but mostly I need to add whats more important for people to understand who I am i am disability since i was born i was born early so 14 weeks early there is past and history about me i will not say anything about it 
now with my disability i have autism spectrum disorder , half deaf so hearing lost with speak problems as well and with that i have learning disabilty problem 
now with autism spectrum disorder it effects my learning , my depession with stress and high anxiety point that I don't always like to be crowded or targeted I do paranoid due to my reasons and my past........and that I have trouble believing and trusting people as well I am not jealous type but when I am closer to someone or connections with strong deeply feeling I do get fearful , scared or paranoid I don't do long paragraphs or any paragraphs due to my disabilitys and take it easy with me as well because I can easily give up or walk away and push people away )



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