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Gender: Female

Age: 116
Country: Japan

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October 10, 2021


10/11/2021 01:03 PM 


So, I hate to do this but I don't wanna have to explain to everyone over and over and without them things get unhinged very quickly. My rules are fairly simple,  and I'm fairly easy going. However, you get two warning tops.

- Don't rush me for replies. This is a hobby. Something I do to relieve stress and relax. If you come out of left field and demand a reply, you WILL be ignored and you'll have to wait even longer. Beyond that, I'm on mobile so I take a moment to type, and I have a very taxing job. So please bear with me, please.

- I don't play favorites. I answer my messages in the order they are received from oldest to newest. Now keep in mind, I have 50 people already, so please don't hold your breath if I don't get back to you right away.

-I separate real life from RP. I don't give out info, I'm not here for dating or friends or anything. If it happens it happens but it's unlikely. Also, I don't give out my discord. I only have my personal one and that one is for non RP use.

-I will not play another character for you. I'm sorry, but I won't. I'm sure there are people who will do that kind of thing but I'm not one of them.

- Im going to be fairly strict about being In character most of the time, but if there's something you absolutely must bring up OOC, then please do it in comments. Other then that I prefer messages for replies.

- This is an Alternate Universe of the code vein story as to not spoil anything for anyone wanting to play the game. So no worries, most of my details are more my own personal creation rather then game story. That said I did use elements from the story to tie it together. 

-Smut is allowed within reason. Story will ALWAYS come first. I know Io looks risque and y'all are a bunch of pervs but give me story, and you'll get your lewd. 

- I'm fairly open to most things, I try to give everyone a fair chance,  and I believe in second chances. however if things go sideways and I delete you or viceversa, don't re-add. There's probably a reason you or I was deleted. 

These are all the rules I have ATM. if I think of anything else then I'll be sure to add it. To those who read this stuff, thank you from the bottom of my heart. And for those who don't.. Well... I'll direct you here one way or another.


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