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Gender: Female

Age: 19
Country: United States

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October 11, 2021


10/11/2021 11:17 PM 

❛❛Azra Schmitz❜❜

❛❛Azra Schmitz❜❜

Azra has never been a bad kid. Of course, she had some anger issues and got into fights here and there, but she was never the one to start them. She was raised by two loving grandparents, as her mother nor father wanted her. She was born in Germany, where she spent most of her childhood growing up. Unfortunately, her grandparents passed away due to natural causes by the time she was 14, and because she was still a minor, she was sent to live with her parents in America.

Azra's parents weren't too fond at the thought of her coming to live with them, as they had already moved on with their life. They always spoke English, a language Azra never learned nor understood when she first entered America. She discovered that she had 3 siblings, all of which she never got along with.

Azra started to develop a deep hatred for the country, not understanding why everyone called it so great. It seemed to her that if you weren't born and raised in America, you weren't welcomed.

When Azra turned 18, she stole her parent's credit cards and anything valuable that she could sell. She was determined to get out from underneath her parents, and she figured she could live from hotel room to hotel room while she looked for a job. However, this was quite hard as she didn't speak proper English.

Azra is now almost 20-years-old and has a part-time job working as an assistant, and knows English very well. Even though she still has her accent, people can now understand what she is saying. She now lives in a house with a few roommates, as well as her cat.


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