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October 16th, 2021

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Gender: Male
Status: Single
Age: 30
Country: United States

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October 12, 2021


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Roland Celestine Information
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Basic Information

First Name:  Roland
First Name Meaning: Fame of the land
Last Name: Celestine
Last Name Meaning: Heavenly
Birthday: November 19
Age: Looks 18 but older
Occupation: Spirit Detective (other casual like stories)
Likes: His work and having fun
Dislikes: Rude people
Birth Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Current Location: Beverly Hills, California

Physical Information

Species: Human/Spectre (Other casual like stories)
Appearence: Human
Height: 6ft 3in
Weight: 220lbs
Body Type: Muscular
Eye Pupils Color: Light Brown
Vision: 20/20 Human form and unknown in Spectre form
Hair Length: Shoulder Length
Hair Color: Burgundy (Dark Red)
Hair Style: Dreadlocks
Left Handed, Right Handed or Both: Both
Smoker: Yes
Drinker: Yes
Clothing Style: Casual
Shoe Size: 11
Tattoo: No
Scars: No
Voice: Firm


Roland Celestine was born in a rough neighborhood through out his childhood and teenage years in the city of Kansas City, Missouri. Throughout his life, he was bouncing through foster homes because his birth parents aways stayed in jail. One day when he was 12 years old, Roland was sent to juvenile for beating a principal with an inch of his life for racially profiling him and attacking him unprovoked. Roland served the remaining of his middle school years in the juvenile system. He was released after he heard he was no longer in middle school. At the age of 14 years old, he was put back in the foster system. A family from Beverly Hills, California wanted to adopt him and show him a better life.

After a few days on the road, Roland's foster parent's arrived to Kansas City, Missouri to pick him up. Roland figured that maybe he would have a decent life in a new state and city. He was willing to give them a chance so he decided to start a conversation with them while they leave Kansas City, Missouri to go to Beverly, Hills California. After a couple hours of arriving to Beverly Hills, California, Roland looked around at the places they drove by and thought that it was pretty cool. He also saw how people got along and thought it was a huge change from what he was used to.

Arriving to his new home, he got out the car with his things and looked around. The neighborhood seem peaceful, but for some odd reason he was getting a bad feeling. Roland walked up to the front door and walked inside once they opened the front door. Looking around, he would be shown to his bedroom by his adoptive mother. Once in his bedroom, he looked around and places his things on the bed then put his things away. Later that evening after dinner, Roland went to his room and laid in his bed. Closing his eyes, he fell asleep and remained asleep. Suddenly, he felt something touching his body around midnight. Waking up, he began to look around and didn't see anything or anyone. Suddenly, he was possessed by a spectre as he didn't move or scream. He heard the spectre whisper to him to introduce itself and told Roland that he would be inherited powers to see other spirits and more.

As years passed, Roland was enrolled into the local college. When he was in collage one day, he noticed a paranormal activity happening in the hallway on the ground floor. He saw students running for their lives then the spectre that inherited his body helped him see the spirit. Running to the location of the spirit, Roland saw it and tried to reason with it. The angry spirit became combative then Roland held uphis hands and felt chains leave his body to capture the spirit. The spectre inside him created a portal and Roland tossed the angry spirit withing the portal. The portal closed and that's when Roland figured he should go into business as a Spirit Detective.



*Spirit Vision - A special vision which allows the user to see where other spirits are located.
*Spirit Detection - Allows the users to detect paranormal energy of spirits.
*Spirit Chains - An ability which allows the user to summon metal chains that only the user and the spectre can see in order to capture spirits and different species.
*Electromagnetic Shock - Allows the user to seen shocks of electricity through metal objects like chains, different types of metal, etc. It also can be sent through touch.
*Portal Creation - Allows the user or Spectre to create a portal to send spirits or people inside for eternity or when they wish to set a person free.

* = Inherited abilities


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