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October 13, 2021


10/13/2021 09:23 PM 

The Monster

Name: Hiren Midoriya/Todoroki
Name Kanji:
Kanji Meaning: Fire, Chain/irons/connection
Nick Name(s): None (Give her some)
Age: Technically she’s only a few months old as she was grown in a test tube as a clone
Age look: Sixteen and up depending on story.
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Demisexual
Occupation: Currently trying to transition from born villain to student
Height: 5'5
Weight: 58 kg
Hair Color: Half Milano Red and Half Shadow Green
Eye Color: Left is Viridian and Right is: Storm Grey
Skin Color: Cavern Pink
Nationality: Japanese
School: Questionable
Year: Uncertain
Distinguishing feature: She’s already hard to miss in a crowd.

Hero Name: Not sure yet
Villain Name: Hiren (Previously, is now just her name)
Quirk:  One For Flames
Quirk Explanation: Hiren has One For All genetically speaking but has an affinity for anything that involves fire and heat. The one thing she’s mastered at combining both is Black Whip and Flame; it works now as a defence and an offence.
Weapons: With how aggressive her quirk is she doesn’t need one, but keeps daggers hidden in her hero outfit.
Gadgets/Tech: Tracking cat ears, don’t ask why don’t just DON’T WORRY ABOUT IT

Family: Hiren doesn’t technically have family but if we’re talking about blood relation I can give you this!

Sibling(s): Shoto, Natsuo, Fuyumi, Touya Todoroki and Izuku Midoriya
Parent(s): Enji and Rei Todoroki, Inko and Hisashi Midoriya. 


Romantic Interest(s): This child can’t tell the difference between love and friendship so... yes???
Allies: UA and the heroes hopefully.
Rival(s): Yes? It’s just another strong bond she doesn’t understand.
Enemy(s): Doctor Garaki (Who created her in the first place) She understands hate very well.


Name Of Quirk: One For Flames
Description: An Unstable mix of pyromania and the ability to hold the world together.
Strength: One of the strongest quirks to be known
Weakness: One of the most unstable quirks to be known, having only existed for months it will either destroy her and everyone or become stable and be a great success.
Age Obtained: Born with missing the five year incubation period.
How It Was Obtained: It spontaneously erupted from her during a crying fit when the punishment of no food was brought up if she did not complete her new objective.


= Carbon: A large attack that mostly leads to death as she can’t control it, but when upset she can remove the carbon from humans that she touches and blow it back into them in the form of diamond shards.
= Carbon Bomb: When full of sorrow or emotions she can’t control her whole body shuts down and will take the carbon right from the air around her until it’s so compact inside her that it rips diamond shards from inside her. It’s almost guaranteed to kill her if she doesn’t get immediate medical help.
=Red Flame Whip: This is her main attack a black whip covered in flames that extends out of her body in multiple different sections, it often looks like a flaming spider.

Over all: Hiren hasn’t had time to discover who she is yet, let alone what her personality should be. Every emotion she experiences she experiences it at 100 or worse. Happiness, sadness, fear, anger, surprise, disgust or anything in between it’s similar to shaking a soda can and letting it explode. On the outside she’s mastered a calm atmosphere but if she experiences something new it’s as if a switch has gone off and she doesn’t know what to do. Which... she really doesn’t. A child's mind in a teens body slowly gaining all the knowledge it needs to open all the doors that seem to be locked in her face. 



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