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11/22/2021 07:13 PM 

Things you will want to know//RULES

I am going to be on mobile 95% of the time and the other 5% On desktop will be dedicated to things I can give simple replies to such as photo or status comments. And that no profile comments will be disabled because they serve no purpose whatsoever except to annoy me personally… I’m sure other people feel this way too but they aren’t A sufficient way to communicate back and forth-people that like profile comments, please consider the fact that the person you’re talking to may have trouble remembering what your comment says when replying to you.

#1. Know my character. Be familiar with Fairy Tail.. if you have absolutely no knowledge of it I will not roleplay with you.
#2. Don’t expect erotica to happen, The keyword here is expect… Erotica probably won’t happen but Romance is not completely off the table if I like you.
#3. I don’t do shipping and I certainly don’t add other characters names into mine, that’s tacky as sh*t - I don’t know why people do it. Any shipping will be done within the RP


#1. I DO NOT LIKE SINGLE WORDS, please don't send me "hello" in messages
#2. no need to use the Subject line/feild until we start RP otherwise messages may get bypassed do to the subject not intresting me
#3.  I do have other characters (and profiles) FYI
this is the only real use I see for a Subject aswell


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