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November 22, 2021


11/23/2021 03:01 PM 

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  I will rush for no one. What I do here is solely for recreation done in my own schedule and at my volition. It is no way, shape and form an obligation. We better part ways if you cannot handle waiting.

  Other than that, I am pretty chill. The only reason I may delete you are as follows:
- You're impatient.
- I found you to be insufferable, whether in public (streams, bulletins, comments, groups) or in private (messages).
- You are constantly harassing someone else in my friends list.

  As long as you can write at semi-paragraph per response and with a decent grammar, we'll be alright, role-play-wise. I am often writing at multi-paragraph to novella length. But I can lower it down if you cannot handle those response lengths.

  Let me know if you have any taboos I should know to avoid. I dare not trample through your comfort zones if certain interests and intrigues aren't something you want to see in our role-play(s).

  I will set up a discord soon. Not obligatory, but just in case you're interested. Stay tuned.

  Have fun.


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