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Locke Leichtenberg - Character Sheet (Updated)

Basic Information:


Locke Leichtenberg





Place of Birth:

Callaneth, Wall Rose










Scout Regiment

Kill Count:

Will depend on time of the Roleplay.

Personal Information:

Faceclaim/Appearance Description:

Locke has a sharp, face that is completed by his deep blue eyes. His shaggy, dirty blonde
hair hangs down to just above his chin and is often pulled back into a small bun, though a few strands always seem to find a way to fall in front of his face. He is fairly thin but his body is toned just enough to keep him from looking scrawny.


(General look I was able to make on a website)



Eldest child of the Leichtenberg family household. 

Father: Walter Leichtenberg [Deceased] 

Mother: Yvette Leichtenberg

Brother: Theo Leichtenberg

Grandfather: Wilhelmh Leictenberg [Deceased]


         The Leichtenberg family is one of a long line of Scouts. And Walter Leichtenberg reluctantly carried on that tradition with much persistence from his father, Wilhelm Leichtenberg. Wilhelm was a grim and bitter man, the titans had taken not only his leg but many of his comrades' lives as well. And he was hellbent on making Walter his instrument of revenge, in which he succeeded. Walter became an exemplary Scout, quickly rising to become a Team Leader. Whenever he had the chance between his expeditions, Walter visited his home in Calaneth. While there, he often paid a visit to a young barmaid at the small tavern in which she worked. Her name was Yvette. The two were wedded while Walter was on leave, and after a few months (While Walter was out on an expedition), Locke Leichtenberg was born. A few years after him, his younger brother Theo.

    In the Year 845, Wall Maria was breached. Any who survived the Titan onslaught sought refuge within the confines of Wall Rose. Those who lived on the eastern side of Maria fled to Rose by way of Calaneth. Many moved on to other areas, but many stayed, living in refugee camps set up in a few of the city's plazas. Famine spread fast, and tensions seemed to rise even faster. Soon there was very little food for the original residents of Caleneth, let alone the refugees, which made people angry and mistrusting. Yvette was devoted to others despite it all, she saw past her own strife, and taught the now 13-year-old Locke to do the same. She taught him that behind every face was a person, and behind that person was someone they cared for someone that filled the same role that his younger brother filled for him. And that everyone had a reason for their actions, whether right or wrong, naive or informed. Locke headed his mother's teaching and soon became known among the refugees as a particularly helpful lad. Some days he would simply help the malnourished and crippled with tasks that had become difficult for them. Others, when he felt especially charitable, he would help some of the young refugee mothers scrounge together some extra rations for their children. Unfortunately, the famine persisted, and with so much territory lost to the Titans, it seemed that it would remain that way until enough people died off.

  One fateful day, The Operation to retake Wall Maria was announced. The preparations began immediately, and once again Locke watched his father put on his uniform and ride off. At the time, he never would have guessed the true intention behind the operation, still, something felt different than all the other times his father had left. This time not only did he watch his father ride off but also many of the new refugees he had befriended. 

    Of the 250,000 sent, less than 200 returned. Locke and his brother excitedly awaited their father's return, as they always did, but he did not come. Even before they were informed of his death, Yvette somehow knew that her Walter was gone, and sat silently in her room as her tears soaked the floor. Once they had received word, her children joined her in her grief. Even Wilhelm, the bitter old man, wept for the death of his son and instantly regretted his harshness toward him. It was the only thing he regretted in all his long years. Locke remained in his room for days, not even the soft and comforting words of his mother could console him. One night, while he lay awake, his pillow soaked in tears, he felt someone sit on his bed next to him. When he looked up it wasn't his mother, nor his brother, but his grandfather who looked back at him with deep, understanding eyes. After a long bout of silence, Locke confessed that he now wanted to carry on the Leichtenberg tradition despite his father's wishes against it. He would become a Scout and take the fight to the titans, to do his best to be a soldier that protected the innocent, that fought for those who couldn't, even if he only saved one life from being ruined, it would be enough in his eyes. His grandfather, to his surprise, protested but seeing as there would be no change in the young boy's mind, he decided to do all he could to make sure he didn't end up like Walter.  
    Locke did not enlist in the cadets right away however, with his father's death his family was in a tight spot. Wilhelm was getting ever closer to the end of his life, and Yvette would be hard-pressed to take care of both him and Theo by herself. Therefore, Locke stayed to help until his grandfather passed. Who, in the meantime did his best to tell Locke all he could of his time in the Survey Corps, both in hopes to scare him out of his decision, and if that failed, to tell him what to expect. Other than that he also gave Locke a few tips on maneuvering in the ODM gear he would have to learn to use. Two years passed quickly and one night Wilhelm died peacefully in his sleep. Theo was now old enough to help around the house, and it was time for Locke to enlist.

    He Joined the 104th cadet corps, in which he trained rigorously for Three long years. He was a pretty average cadet and didn't draw too much attention to himself, past the decent group of friends he managed to make. One thing his instructors noted was that what he lacked in both strength and speed, he made for in his skill in using ODM gear and improvisation. Not to mention his steadfast nature.  He was described by a few of his peers as being dedicated, loyal and protective, though he found much enjoyment in teasing others. He also took very few scenarios seriously, usually finding at least one opportunity to make a joke or otherwise make light of a situation, very rarely looking at anything pessimistically. 

    Locke was now 18. Three years had passed and the 104th Cadet Corps found themselves awaiting the choice that lay before them, the choice of which regiment they would join. Most of those not eligible for the Military Police were going to settle for the Garrison, Locke's ambitions stayed the same, however. He was to join the Scouts, as he had planned all those years ago. Yet, no one suspected that their career could end that very day, and for many it did. The unexpected battle for Trost began when the Collassal appeared for the second time. Officially beginning Cadet Locke Leichtenberg's military career. 

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