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December 4th, 2021

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November 25, 2021


11/25/2021 11:41 PM 


Spear master-Setanta mastered both the broniac the Spear of light that could slay God's and infuse him with thunder. As well as Gáe Bulg, the Spear the could inflict pain that never
heals. Both these divine artifacts were indestructible
And feared among the gods.

Setenta also possess the mystic eyes, an ability
passed down from his father lugh. This.allows to
Perceive Aura, and energy as good or bad. In addition it can
Slow down things around him allowing him to react
Much faster and see 10x farther then normal.

Magic creation- As the last of tuatha he can create ruin magic and other magical artifacts and skills.

Ruin magic- magic learned by mastering the blessing bestowed on him. This allows him to destroy any target and gives immunities. 

Morrigan blessing- the blessing of war and love this acts as a extra defense. Allowing him to keep up with his foes and for see each movement up to 2x steps ahead of then.



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