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Gender: Female
Status: Swinger
Age: 26
Country: United States

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September 16, 2021


11/25/2021 02:15 PM 

Silenced by Shame

I was sexually abused,
For years I felt dirty, empty and used.
There were times I felt I wouldn’t make it out alive. I learned an important skill.
It was how to survive.
I was shown a side to life,
No child should be forced to see.
The fear and the shame silenced my voice. Until the day I realised I had done nothing wrong. My abusers were to blame.
It was they who had committed these awful crimes.
I had to shout out loud time after time.
Tried to make them all listen whilst taking the blame. It was hard, and the cost felt high.
Abandoned by family and feeling alone. This was my time to feel important.
To take care of me like no one else had done. To remember me, that innocent child.
I deserve to take back my life, it is mine. The guilt and the shame,
they were never mine.
I am no longer their victim! I made it out alive!
I am here!
I am strong!
And I bloody survived!



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