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September 16, 2021


12/01/2021 02:30 PM 

Alternate Verses

My Hero Academia
Unknown origins. No background story. One day Reiko was just a blip in the world of heroes and villains. Nothing immediately extraordinary about her, she was mainly known for thievery and some dabbling in arsony. With no known motives and only failed capture attempts, she was left as an unknown, only assumptions typed across her files. A bad childhood. Twisted upbringing. Fell into the wrong crowd. A hero failed to save her. The usual.  

A mutant type, Reiko was gifted with the characteristics of a fox; long ears, a tail, golden eyes. Her instincts are enhanced, more animal than human, along with her speed, vision, and hearing. It's led to believe that this is why a capture has been unsuccessful so far. While her name is unknown and she only goes by the alias 'Reiko', her quirk is simply called Fox. Claws and fangs make a decent enough offense when applied properly, but she's known for carrying a weapon of sorts. Her arsenal varies, ranging from handguns to blades. 

No known affiliations. 

Jujutsu Kaisen




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