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House Vánagandr

Basic Background  -

House Vánagandr is one of the prominent families in Mondstadt, alongside House Ragnvindr , House Gunnhildr, House Imunlaukr and formerly, House Lawrence.

Its name is derived from the Vánagandr of the Shadows, who participated in Vennessa's rebellion one thousand years ago. Alongside the Gunnhildr and Ragnvindr, it is one of the known noble families that were not exiled from Mondstadt following the fall of the aristocracy.

House Vánagandr is extremely wealthy. On the surface, House Vánagandr is a respected family that possesses the best medical knowledge and technology in the entire region. It's well known that they use their superior curative methods to earn themselves great favor of the people of Mondstadt. It's hidden from the public eye, however, that the Vánagandr clan is a group of assassins that carries out assassination orders to remove those who become a liability for the country.

The Vánagandr domain is hidden somewhere in Dragonspine. Despite the harsh environment, it is still highly self-sufficient in food and resources.

History -
Vánagandr, whom the Clan would later be named after, served as the Duke of the region during the aristocratic period. After the Lawrence Clan and many other noble houses grew corrupt, Duke Vánagandr attempted to reform the Aristocracy as he knew civil war or rebellion would be inevitable otherwise. Unable to ignore the suffering of his people, and bound to his own Noblesse Oblige, the Duke relinquished his noble title and took up arms with Vennessa when she raised the flag of rebellion. He was tasked with the "dirty" jobs of the Rebellion. After the aristocracy was defeated and the offending noble houses exiled, Vánagandr put away his blade and began to research the medical field as he believed "Now that the blood of the corrupt have been purged from this land, it's OUR job to tend to the 'wounds' of the people."


• Vánagandr have been known for observing many fields of study to further their understanding of medicinal science.


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