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Gender: Male
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Age: 28
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January 14, 2022


01/14/2022 11:08 PM 

Character info

Namer: Bennett Harper
Age: Role Play Dependent
Gender: Male
Orientation: Love is love
Status: Here
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue

The Good: Kind and gentle to a fault. Generally wants to be helpful and feel useful to everyone he meets even if it is detrimental to himself. He wants to believe there is good in everyone. Tries his hardest at everything he does.

The Bad: Is commonly blunt and pointed. Has a hard time expressing himself and generally doesn't know how to. Prone to outbursts. Looks meaner then he actually is. Will put himself last in everything.

The ugly: Smoking as a vice.

Special Talents/ Gifts: Can see/ sense the pain of others. Be it physical inury, illness, or mental.

General Info:
Bennett is kind and giving person, something that commonly would be wonderful if he also had more or the social graces to accompany that. His sharp and sometimes uninviting default look has made many avoid him before knowing him, add in that he is more to the point and blunt not knowing how to use nuanced or even a gentle approach to what he says and he can be quick to anger and just as quick to calm... Those all combine for him to further be labeled as someone most avoid being around. This repeat cycle has led to Bennett becoming more silent and afraid of speaking as he feels it just ends badly for him always.

His past is unknown to all but him, and he refuses to speak on it. The only guess any may have is that it's not pleasant as he seems to have been on his own for quite a long time, never speaks of family, being near numb to pain, and all around it seems he trys to forget and abandon everything about his past.

With those aside Bennett is more a gentle person, and he was gifted with the ability to sense or see others ailments and pains. From knowing that an injury is hidden to knowing someone is currently hurting emotionally he can sense it. This has led to him trying his best to help others, knowing many a medical techniques he can learn, using himself as a wall to prevent harm to others, or simply being there so that a lonely heart knows that they aren't alone. This not without fault, he seeks helping and mending others so much he has all but forgotten and some might even say abandoned himself. He never considers what anything may do to him or how it may make him feel. This has led to him adding smoking as a bad habit to his life, something that let's him close his eyes and take a breath and break while also letting him stare into the smoke watching the whisps dance and fade to create a moment where the world is peaceful.

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Kitsune Kyuu-takami[engaged irl]



Posted on Jan 14th 2022 - 3:23 PM

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