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Gender: Female

Age: 21
Country: United States

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August 24, 2021


01/14/2022 12:05 PM 

Roleplay details


Characters :

I do have OC’s but I’ve not mentioned them on my profile. I’d be more than happy to send you a list or their respective character sheets when we discuss a roleplay. Please do ask me if you’re curious. All my characters are bisexual so I do m×f and f×f. 


Genres and theme settings :

Romance, action, fantasy, drama, thriller, gore, and horror. These are my favorite genres. I also like slice of life and casual settings as well. I am open to all genres so please feel free to let me know about your interests. I really enjoy romance roleplays, where as the story progresses our characters fall in love and build a relationship together. Slow pace romantic development is my absolute favorite.


Response time :

I have a busy schedule outside this site that I sadly have to tend to and also I acknowledge that there is a time difference between most of us so I just ask for ya to be a little bit patient with me and I will do the same in return. 


Limits :

Dark themes are more than welcome. I consider myself pretty flexible so please don't be shy to tell me about your ideas. If I'm not comfortable I will be honest with you and I would expect the same from you. Yes I do s m u t but I only will roleplay with peeps who are : 18 or above 18. Also would very much like the story to have a bit more plot to go on than smut. If our characters are just boinking all the time that would be boring now wouldn’t it ? 


Grammar :

I understand that we all make mistakes and grammatical errors, I'm not a stickler. I just need it to be understandable. Please no usage of text lingo in the RP. I always roleplay in the third person.


Response length :

I like to put in a lot of detail so my usual length is two to three paragraphs.I can also always adjust my length according to your needs, I don’t mind if you would prefer it to be longer or shorter. I don’t do one-liners since there isn’t enough input for me in those to respond to. So the maximum I ask for is four lines at least so I can give you a satisfactory response.


Communication : 

Just be straightforward and honest with me please. If there is anything you’d like to change or if there is any room for improvement in the roleplay then I would appreciate it a lot. 


Thank you for taking the time to read this :3 


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