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05/21/2022 12:01 PM 

Issac "Trench" Carver
Category: Stories

Take a man and give him the ability to slow down time around him. Time that is, in fact, within a certain 'bubble' if you will. On the back of his left hand, Trench bears the mark of time. It is in the form of a roman clock with hands that move along his skin. He is always aware of the precise date and time, down to the second.

Trench has existed no longer than 25 years. The mark of time has been on his hand since birth. But even with the knowledge of his power early on, he had not been able to control it for years. Even now, he still struggles to understand the concept of it all. Growing up, Trench was able to excel in school with the use of time manipulation, allowing him to take all the time he needed for reading and learning any subject he pleased. He graduated from high school at an early age, with no interest in college (despite all the grants he received). However, he was no stranger to bullying and had taken his fair share of beatings. This gave Trench motivation to pursue self-defense and weapon practice.

The mark of time (or Timeflow as he calls it, due to the moving clock hands) gives him numerous secondary abilities. While time is slowed down around him, Trench can move around within the area of effect without being seen. This can pose a grave danger to Trench however, as the more he slows down time in an area that he occupies, the more his heart rate slows. For this reason, he chooses to not stop time around him completely, as the result has an obscenely high possibility to be lethal. On the other side of the coin, Trench can slow or stop time in an area that he does not occupy without any negative consequences on himself. This can include stopping the timer to a bomb via a time sphere, slowing the spread of poison in another person's body (even himself), and halting a person's neural system, effectively paralyzing or killing them outright.

In terms of physical weaponry, Trench carries an enchanted scythe that is possessed by the spirit of an ancient witch who has the ability to manipulate fire and poison. With this power, she is able to heat up the blade of the scythe hot enough to cut through flesh and bone as if it were thin air. Subsequently, with poison, Trench can stab someone and slow down the toxic flow for interrogation purposes. This is also useful for poisoning drinks when attempting to assassinate someone. Physically, the blade is connected to the staff via a tether, making it useful for grappling to a higher ledge or pulling someone close to him. Trench can also detach the blade and use the staff by itself. At the butt of the staff is a hard crystal housing the witch's spirit, though this also diminishes her power.

Trench's use of his powers throughout his life has aged him ten years beyond his time, turning his once dirty blonde hair to ivory. The more he uses this power, the more his physical age will accelerate. Because of this, no one recognizes him. And so he embraces this. Dawning a black leather trench coat tailored exclusively for him, he disguises his identity from the world and becomes a man simply known as "Trench".


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