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July 2nd, 2022

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Age: 30
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February 18, 2022


05/21/2022 12:02 PM 

Kobalt Vestal Regalia
Category: Stories

A student of magic who primarily wields axes and halberds. While he has a love for his martial and sometimes crude weapons, Kobalt specializes in white magic. From being able to heal physical wounds to teleporting allies and everything in between (yes, including damage spells). It’s due to his personality that he believes everything should be balanced in some shape or form, including himself. He strives to keep both the chaos and order in his life check as well as everything around that affects him or his allies. Sometimes he can become a bit callous with it as he feels the balance is the best option, but he still understands the weight and value of a human life. His classmates, his friends, even his enemies.

Still, at the end of the day, Kobalt is still a human. He makes mistakes and goes through the motions just like everyone else does. Generally, he’s a quiet man, but otherwise thoughtful and cool-headed. One of his knacks include being a tactician on the side and analyzing the battlefield. It’s not hard for him to get along with people, but sometimes his quiet nature can deter others from approaching him. But I suppose when you deal with axes, not many people want to mess with you to begin with…

Born: 2nd day of the Wyvern Moon
Likes: Solace, Quiet, Music, Affection
Dislikes: Random havoc, Constant questioning, Arrogance
Food: Meats & Sweets
Favorite Flower: Amaryllis


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