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Gender: Female

Age: 23
Country: United Kingdom

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May 21, 2022


05/21/2022 05:18 PM 

Bio and background

Name: Amy Sorel (formerly Amy Mathilde)
Age: Depends on RP (normally 16-18)
Sex: Female
Race: Human
Eye Color: Natural eye color is green (she often wears red contacts to match her foster fathers ​eyes.)
Hair color: Vermillion (natural)
Height: 4'7ft/139.7cm
Family: Raphael Sorel (Foster Father) Viola Mathilde (Mother, Deceased) Gabriel Mathilde (Father, Deceased)
Ethnicty: White
Nationality: French
Languages: French, German, English.
Home-Town: Grew up in the slums of the capital of Seine-Maritime département, Also known as the port city of Rouen in France.
Currently lives in: London, Great Britain
Occupation: A+ Student at Maida Vale school.
Personality: Aloof, Cold, Concise, stoic, intelligent, can be rash on occasion, kind, considerate and caring to those she's close with. Loyal to those who deserve it, and ruthless to those who oppose her. Known to show affection in odd ways because she's not used to it. Despite being rich, she's far more humble than you could imagine. Often returning things she doesn't need and never letting greed get the better of her.
Background- Amy Mathilde... A girl born into poverty; from the moment her eyes opened for the very first time life was a constant struggle. Food, water, shelter, all of it were commodities neither her nor her parents could afford... Her mother was the first to go. After a long struggle with an unknown illness, she finally passed silently in her sleep...The girls father didn't last much longer after that. Always working himself to exhaustion in a steel mill in an attempt to feed what was left of his family was bound to have an effect eventually. In the end he succame to exhaustion during work one fateful day and died in a rarher gruesome work related accident... 

When her father never returned home after two days of being gone... Amy, at only seven years of age, ran away from that old, run down home in fear, desperation and sadness long before anyone could come to collect and take her to an oprhanage... she lived on those streets for a few years after that. Learning how to survive on her own through trial and error. she'd grown accustomed to despair and knew that hope was just a word. It meant nothing... at least... until one day.

it was a particularly cold winter. The roads were frozen solid, ice threatened to coat everything in a thick layer of freezing cold... and Amy had no where to turn but the alleyways to hide from the bitter winds... the only thing between her and a freezing death being a cardboard box... As she shivered and shook, she silently accepted that she would die in that alley... alone and lost. Without ever having a chance... however as she stared at the entrance to the alleyway, with eyelids heavier than the snowfall all around her, a  sillouthete appeared at the entrance... an angel? Death? No... it was a man. Blonde haired with eyes a fiery red... as soon as he saw her he approached without hesitation... and from that day forward Amy's life was forever changed.

The man, who she would soon learn was named Rapheal Sorel... took her, taught her, raised her... as if she were his own. He showed her kindness, compassion, warmth.... love. He gave her everything even though she never asked. A beautiful room with plenty of space, the finest clothes, the best education, gourmet foods, a life of gradure... love... and from him she learned all he knew... Amy Mathilde died that day.... Replaced by a new girl... Amy Sorel. A girl that strived to be everything Raphael saw in her and then some... so she did. An excellent student, a profound learner, and an adept dancer, not to mention her innate skill with the Rapier that Rapheal himself taught her... she strived to be everything in his eyes. Just as he was to her... 


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