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Adventurer Archive: The Behemoth

Adventurer Archieve:
The Behemoth
Trembling digits, normally steady and tough as metal, dropped the journal found left open in the campsite. A feeling she's only ever felt one other time suffocated the adventurer; the feeling of utter powerlessness — unable to stop tragedy. This time it was not the demise of her parents and their village. This time, it was the death of a party member. Someone that came off abrasive, but only wanted a friend. And worst of all? It was her own hands that ended the life of the young swordswoman. Lenny Blainscoque of the Iron Wolves.

|Flashback; moments earlier.|

Find Lotus. I need to find Lotus. Let nothing or no one get in my path. Finding Lotus is what matters at all costs. Brainwashed members of the Grand Blue Lore were left completely decimated. Even more so than usual. Ceramic masks lay in shattered disarray. The blank faces beneath were pummeled into gorey pulps, resembling craters of raw bloody meat more than anything human. Ironic considering the perpetrator was another under the Apostle's mind control.

Not long after the visible path of mayhem, the martial artist met yet another person trying to impede her progress. A pinkette. Beret on her head, and zanbato in hand. It was a face Fulong should recognize. Yet, it was all an unrecognizable blur. The words being shouted could be heard, but they meant nothing.


Slow menacing steps carried the adventurer forward. Eyes devoid of life stared right through the low-ranking knight. The space around Fulong wooshed, disrupting the air, as she appeared to teleport straight to Lenny with such blinding speed. Her tightened fist met the flat end of the zanbato held in a defensive manner.This caused both women to momentarily lose their footing. Lenny nearly tumbled backwards from the ricochet, while Fulong backpedaled a few steps.


Once again words falling on deaf ears. With the obstacle in her way still standing, the mind controlled fighter became even more blood thirsty. From left to right, back and front, Lenny found the Striker coming at her in a fury. Even if she wanted to fight back and harm the adventurer, it was likely she could do nothing to really stop this. There was a reason Sir Vaughn and company spoke so highly of the Suju woman. Why she envied and wanted to prove she could be just as formidable as her. But, as much as she hated to admit it, they were leagues apart.

A mix-up finally caused this annoyance to falter. An unexpected low kick met the pinkette's fibula and tibia simultaneously, shattering both. A gut wrenching cry rang out immediately. All the formal training in the world couldn't have prepared her for such an injury. Instinct wanted to override logic, but she couldn't stop and hold her leg. The grip on her zanbato weakened, but was swung towards Fulong anyway.

The renown adventurer darted around the meager swipe, and delivered a devastating counter of hooks once repositioned to the left side of the swordswoman. The pinkette's unguarded head was treated like a punching bag. Punch after punch, pink strands bobbed and swayed wildly. Only by sheer will power was the Iron Wolf rookie even still standing. She was told to flee from the area earlier by her superiors, knowing something was wrong with Fulong. But she disobeyed.

Though Lenny never admitted it out loud, this was someone she considered a friend. She was not going to flee. Doing so likely meant Fulong was going to run straight into a trap by Apostle Lotus. She at least had to do something right for once. If it put her own well being in jeopardy, so be it. At least she could proudly say she did something of importance, and worth praise for once. Just hold on a little longer. Hold on a little...

Suddenly the light finally came on in her head. Fulong watched Lenny hurdling backwards, and crash harshly against a GBL altar. Dumbfounded, she looked at her outstretched arm and fist. What was going on? Why were her knuckles covered in blood?

"Adventurer...you insignificant..."

The brunette's heart plummeted to her stomach when the dots finally connected. She...she did this to Lenny. Completely flabbergasted, all she could do was mouth words unable to leave her throat.

Low Ranking Knight Training Journal: Chapter 3

July 28
The air is thick with tension. The Knight Master has been angry at something, and the Deputy Master has been curt and businesslike to us. We've been on some investigation, but what we're looking for is beyond me. I'm just following my orders, but I have a strange feeling about all this. Even the people of the GBL Order have been restless. What on earth is going on?
July 30
I haven't been under the weather these days. I chalked it up to the tension I'd been feeling, but then I was told it was because of the Apostle. The Knight Master defeated an Apostle in the Screaming Cavern. Are we fighting another?
August 3
Fiona asked me if I was scared. I said I wasn't, but I'm sure we are all terrified. She just doesn't want to admit that she's scared. The Knight Master said we might have to fight the Apostle. Most of us tensed at that revelation, but some got excited at the prospect of becoming heroes. The Deputy Master said nothing bad would happen, but I noticed he was more meticulous than usual about checking his equipment. He was the Knight Master and the Blade Masters would do the heavy lifting, so we would be all right, but I'm still nervous.
August 9
I'm too nervous to sleep. I thought my first battle would be against human enemies, but it's going to be against an Apostle. Can't we request reinforcements from HQ?
August 11
Dan and I went to see the Deputy master. He looked tired. He said he couldn't exclude us low-ranking knights from this operation, even if he wanted to. We don't have enough manpower as it is. I know I have to be brave, but I'm scared. I won't show that to the adventurer or the GBL followers. I'll never disgrace my country like that.
August 12
I think we're leaving to fight tomorrow. I miss Mom.
August 13
We've been ordered to gather. I think we're going to leave soon. I don't care if it's an Apostle. I don't want to go... Well, I might regret it later if I blew things out of proportion. I'm going to stop writing now. I really don't want to go...

"I'm sorry... Rest in peace."

- Hartz von Krueger, Vice-captain of the Iron Wolves.


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