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Alistair Bakula (Percy Jackson OC)
Category: Resources

Basic Information:

Full Name: Alistair Bakula

Name meaning: Alistair means Defender of People; Bakula means nickname for a habitual liar, from bakulić 'to lie in one's throat'.

Nicknames: A stair (Typically by Clarisse), Little Ball of Energy (Dylan Flecter)

Aliases: He tends to say his name is Austin especially if he senses danger

Usernames: Ball_of_Energy

Age: 11

Birthday: April 12th, 1994

Gender: Male

Ethnicity: Demigod for starters 50%, Caucasian 15%, Northeastern European 35%

Nationally: America

Birthplace: Palm Beach, Florida

Hometown: Miami, Florida

Previous Places: New York, New York; Los Angeles, California

Languages Spoken / Read: English and Greek

Height: 6 foot 1 and a half inches

Weight: 167 lbs.

Blood Type: AB-

Sexual Orientation: Homosexual

Greek Zodiac: Aries

Ruling Planet(s): Mars

Chinese Zodiac: Dog

Compatibility: Best Matches: Rabbit; Bad Matches: Dragon, Sheep, Rooster

Element: Fire

Hair Color: Dark Brown

Eye Color: Light Blue

Physical Description: He tends to try to keep his hands smooth but they are normally rough with scars from his first few training matches

Tattoos / Piercings / Scars: Only one major scar under his right knee he has a scar from when he was attacked by a woman cloaked in a white silken dress


Everyday Clothing: He will typically wear a dark red tee shirt with dark green shorts during the summer; during winter he will wear a silvery jacket with dark grey sweatpants

Camp Clothing: He wears the camp tee shirt with his bead necklace out in the open and a pair of cargo shorts, which have bottles of nectar and bags of ambrosia on the belt.


Good Traits: He is a hardworking and kind individual

Flaws: His Kindness tends to be his downfall

Good Habits: Always alert to danger

Bad Habits: He tends to be very jumpy, something Percy learned when he tapped his shoulder on his first day

Strange Habits: He tends to purposely look away when Aphrodite's children try to get him especially the females

Fears: He is terrified of snakes, this is because when he was younger a snake managed to wrap itself around his arm and wouldn't let him go.

Favorite Food: Dorayaki (Essentially sugar pancakes)

Favorite Places to Eat: Really anything, though he prefers subway when on missions since it is cheap and healthy.

Least Favorite Food: Any type of pepper that is spicy

Favorite Drink: Water or Sprite depends on his mood typically

Least Favorite Drink: Wine and Coca Cola are tied

Favorite Color: Dark Green

Least Favorite Color: Light Pink

Favorite Scent: Wild Berries

Favorite Sound: A Harp String being plucked

Favorite Sight: The sunrise and sunset

Favorite Time of Year: Spring

Favorite Time of Day: Early Morning

Favorite Animal: He enjoys watching the Swans on the lake at Camp Half-Blood

Favorite Song: He has been asked this question before and tends to take about three weeks to decide on just one. But it has always been either The first Delphic Hymn or anything that is currently popular

Favorite Movie / Film Franchise: Depends on his mood, typically it is Lion King or Aristocats

Activities / Subjects:

Best Activity in Camp: Archery or Sword Fighting

Worst Activity in Camp: Canoeing

Best School Subject(s): Choir and Math were his best subjects in school

Worst School Subject(s): English and Science, English was due to being unable to read what the teacher assigned but he aced all his writing assignments even though occasionally his teacher would have to translate Greek.

Family / Friends:

Mother: Eliza Bakula

Occupation: His mother works as a writer and a retired singer when she was younger

Relationship: Alistair and his mother get along quite well and tend to write stories and songs together. She actually chose not to marry again and to teach her son Greek and Greek stories.

Father: Apollo God of the sun, light, healing, disease, plague, music, art, poetry, archery, reason, knowledge, truth, and prophecy.

Relationship: He understands after he gets to Camp that his father has an important job and every morning at sunrise he gets up and waves at the sun (Not without a few weird stares)

Pets: He has a few pet songbirds and an outside pet that was a gift/curse from Athena which was a barn owl

Name of Pet(s): The songbirds are named after three of the muses (Melpomene, Terpsichore, Erato) and the owl is nicknamed Wise Bird (He was like 5 when he named it)

Age: Songbirds are triplets and they are all about a year old and the owl is about 3 years old

How did they acquired their pet(s): The songbirds were pets his mother got from her brother breeds them, the owl is a gift/curse from Athena (It is her way of watching Alistair)

Siblings at Camp: Cabin #7

Who do they get along with most?: He tends to get along with Will and Kayla

Who do they get along with least?: He doesn't really get along with Austin, whom he has a slight rivalry with

How do they feel about their cabin mates in general?: He enjoys the simplicity of the cabin and tends to feel more calm inside rather than anywhere on camp

Demigod Friends: He is close with several people, including Nico Di Angelo (Mainly because he is dating his half brother) and will help him out if possible when he is looking for Will

Boyfriend / Girlfriend: Dylan Flecter

Enemies: Niobe, Marsyas, Orion; This is partially due to him being a son of Apollo


Weapon: He tends to use his bow that his built himself, but does carry a sword just in case.

Mist Version: The bow looks like a bow considering mortals can comprehend a person using a bow; the sword however looks like a stick to mortals

Armor: He tends to wear light armor, but during capture the flag he wears full armor for a warrior

Range: Long range to short range

Style: He tends to avoid face to face combat but when he is forced to he can and more often than not, attack in a blinding light (Quoted from Dylan)

Strengths: He tends to push himself even if he is injured to help others

Weaknesses: He will panic if he sees a snake and more often than not freeze up

Fatal Flaw: His Kindness

Abilities: Audiokinesis, Photokinesis (Mainly in his sword and only to blind his opponent)

Quotes: (what are some of your character's quotes? can add more if needed)

- "Oh? You want me on your quest, I mean I will give it my best if so!"

- "Loving summertime, An enormous fire sings, at the perfect ice."

- "I may be bright and sunny, but come on I don't blind people!"

- "Hmm? Oh! I suppose that is true, I think Will is in the shower Nico."

Trivia: (anything else about the character you want to add such as a theme song etc., add more if needed)

- He tends to (Like his father) spout haikus when he gets bored

Background Story: is a wip


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