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The Observer.

"I know that I am impure. He made me that way... but it wasn't on purpose."

Name: The Observer
Also Known As: "Charlotte"
Age: ??? ('Infinite')
DoB: 3/5/13 [?]
Gender: Female
Race: Cat
Height: 7'0"/213cm
Build: Stocky
Demeanor: Peaceful, silent


Personality: The Observer is very naive. However, she tries her best to do what she feels is right to keep the world safe from danger, even if most people don't quite take her seriously. The Observer is especially determined and strong-willed. She chooses to use her wits over her abilities, though that doesn't mean that she's weak at all. She is presented as the longest-lasting battle in the UNKNOWN timeline and one of the hardest battles in HOME.

The Observer has the appearance of a small, almost cartoon-like, coal-black kitten. Her eyes, which are far too big for her head, have a permanent look of sheer terror and her mouth is always left open in awe or fear. In her true form, she adopts a more anthropomorphic look, granting her a considerable boost in power, she also wears a red dress, akin to a princess of some sort.


Humans and Humanity
Watching the Stars


Charlotte [alias. The Observer] or (as seen in HOME) The Witness, is a small, round and chubby Oncilla. Despite its young and harmless appearance, The Observer is the wisest entity in the world she resides. She appears in the UNKNOWN timeline as well as the CLUELESS timeline, and HOME. This makes The Observer the first character that hasn't appeared in the original timeline but has made appearances in multiple timelines.


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