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06/19/2022 12:49 PM 

Cleo Connely(NPC)

Name: Cleo Abigail Connely
Nickname(s): Mean Girl
Hair: Beautiful straight ebony hair that goes to her mid-back
Eye Color: Light brown with a mix of grey
Height: She stands at 5’6
Weight: Hahaha~
Body Type: Athletic
Age: 21
Occupation: College student at the prestigious Ravenwood Academy
Family: The Connely’s are one of the first families to reside in Ravenwood. Cleo’s mother had left the family when she was only 5. Her father focused more on his business, causing Cleo to be raised by her maids. She had never had to face true parental punishment. She has a pet ferret named Jewel.
Current Story: Cleo Connely is currently attending The Ravenwood University. There is a well known rivalry between her and Olivia Ravenwood. One of Cleo’s close friends had been murdered on Ravenwood campus their freshman year. Cleo holds hate and resentment towards Olivia for the lost of her friend. Why though? Did Olivia know more than she claimed? Or is Cleo just holding a hateful grudge?


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