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06/19/2022 12:51 PM 

Juniper Stone(NPC)

Name: Juniper Willow Stone
Nickname(s): June-bug, Juney, June, (Olivia’s best childhood friend)
Hair: Short, curly brunette hair that kisses the nape of her neck, her bangs are side swept from her face
Eye Color: A marvelous bright blue
Height: She stands at 5’4
Weight: 118 pounds
Body Type: Slender and trim
Age: 19
Occupation: College student at the prestigious Ravenwood Academy
Family: Born from a poor family, Juniper is surrounded by her working mother and her older brother. She does not know whom her father is. Her older brother, Michael, is currently traveling the states while her mother stays at home, working two jobs to pay for her daughter’s tuition. They do not have any pets.
Current Story: Juniper Stone is currently attending The University of Ravenwood. A free spirit and head in the clouds kind of gal. If she isn’t seen connected to Olivia Ravenwood’s hip, you can generally find her in the art room, doing something creative and imaginative with her mind. Though innocent looking, do not be deceived. Her and Olivia hold more secrets than one would think.


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