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06/19/2022 12:59 PM 

Alicia Richardson(NPC)

Name: Alicia Jane Richardson
Nickname(s): The Counselor
Hair: Long, straight brunette hair that stops right after her shoulders
Eye Color: An emerald green
Height: She stands at 5’7
Weight: 137 pounds
Body Type: Curvy
Age: 36
Occupation: Student counselor at the prestigious Ravenwood Academy
Family: There isn’t much known about Ms. Richardson. She is one that doesn’t really ever speak of her family or home life, but if she ever does mention such things, it’s normally her speaking of her twin siamese cats; Yin and Yang
Current Story: Alicia Richardson is currently working at The University of Ravenwood and has been for the past five years. When the first of the murders began to happen on campus, Ms. Richardson had a rather odd calmness to her. She knows a lot of Ravenwood’s past and when it comes to speaking with her, one cannot ever tell if she truly wants to help you or if there is something more sinister to her motives.


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