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06/19/2022 01:07 PM 

Fae Grimm(NPC)

Name: Fae Alexandria Grimm
Nickname(s): The Outsider
Hair: Silver colored hair that stops just above her breast
Eye Color: Extremely light blue, almost white
Height: She stands at 5’8
Weight: No
Body Type: Athletic and nimble
Age: 20
Occupation: Student at the prestigious Ravenwood Academy
Family: Fae doesn’t know anything of her birth family. She had been born into a bad situation, causing her to be in foster care before she was even one. She doesn’t seem to have any close relations.
Current Story: Fae Grimm is currently a student at The University of Ravenwood. She tends to be a recluse, sitting in the back of classes and sticking to the shadows. Her observant eyes and ears tend to make secrets seem to be her best friend and if there is something you ever want to know, Fae is your best bet with the right answer. However, giving away such secrets can come with a hefty price. Do you think you can afford such secrets?


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