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July 1st, 2022

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Gender: Female
Status: Single
Age: 28
Country: Netherlands

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February 07, 2022


06/21/2022 04:46 PM 

Appearance and Style

Owning a body without curves, sharp eyes and an even sharper personality, Aria has long since accepted that there’s nothing feminine about her. Due to her lack of pigments her skin is a sickly pale and her hair a weird faded out colour. Whether it’s the way she looks or the way she talks, neither is cute, nor is she what many people would call beautiful.

She knows this, so she doesn’t really try to dress up. It won’t suit her. She knows this. If she wears something cute, she’ll just look weird. She knows this, too. She knows it, and yet sometimes she can’t help but wish it -wouldn’t- be like that. That she COULD wear cute, girly clothes. And that they wouldn’t look out of place on her.

But they do, so she doesn’t wear them.

Instead, her style is more the tomboyish sorts. She also doesn’t accessorize much, other than the occasional subtle hair accessory. Her clothes are easy to move in and casual, though some of them actually get her mistaken for a guy. It’s something she’s had to get used to over the years.


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