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Gender: Female
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Age: 28
Country: Netherlands

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February 07, 2022


06/22/2022 09:28 PM 

Her Pokémon

espite being a trainer in the dragon gym, and using only her Hakamo-o and Abomasnow in battles in said gym, her strongest Pokémon is actually her very first one : Vaporeon. And out of all her Pokémon, it's the one who enjoys fighting the most, and who actually gets antsy going without a fight for too long.

Her travels have left a good few people mildly traumatised about the vicious Vaporeon ( mostly in Unova - in Alola and Sinnoh Vaporeon mostly fought some wild Pokémon ), and the Wild Area is always the perfect place to let it run around and vent its energy.

Her grass Pokémon are -far- more peace loving, and while they're fine in a fight, they prefer to just busy themselves with flowers, so Aria rarely forces them to fight. Emolga is shockingly ready to go at it with Pokémon bigger than it ( much like his tiny trainer ) and Liepard is, quite frankly, VERY lazy - but gets cranky when woken from naps by opponents and will most certainly lash out in turn.


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