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Gender: Male

Age: 30
Country: United States

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October 03, 2021


08/01/2022 09:40 PM 

Kazuya Inoue (BNHA oc)

Name: Kazuya Inoue
Hero Name: Synapse
Birthplace: New York City, New York
Current Residence: Musutafu, Japan
Hair Color: Onyx
Eye Color: Aquamarine
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 130lbs
Race: Human
Nationality: Japanese
Current Occupation: Student in U.A., Class 1-B
Quirk: Cyberkinesis 
Sexuality: Pansexual 
Relationship Status: Single

Tidbits: Nervous, Quiet, Calm, Reserved, Tries avoid Conflict, Loves to bake and burn things in the process, Will lie under pressure, Has random bouts of courage, Has a guilty conscience 

Abilities: Controlling most if not all cybernetics, control the flow of machinery, create, shape and manipulate technology, physical and psychic abilities that allows a mental interface with computer data. Any form of technology he can interfere with, and immerse himself inside. 



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