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Time seemed to come to a stand still as Kaylee sat on the floor, her head resting on Carol’s shoulder with their hands intertwined tightly. Kaylee’s grip on her mother could have hurt a normal person, but luckily she never had to think about hugging too tightly when it came to her mother. Kaylee learned restraint early on in her life and it helped in most moments, but she desperately needed an outlet. All the tension in her body accumulated into one point, squeezing onto her mother for dear life.

The saving grace unfortunately, did not last long. After her siblings arrived, Kaylee moved back into casual mode. Letting her brother and sister do, or say whatever they needed in this moment. Kaylee didn’t blame Stevie’s outburst, or Wes’ need to leave, but it added undue weight on Kaylee’s shoulders. Enough that the woman drank heavily the moment she had time to herself.

She was beyond exhausted coming back into Tony’s hospital room the next morning. A tray of coffee in hand and sunglasses to shield her blood shot eyes. She needed sleep, but that seemed to be a distant memory. Instead Kaylee took a breath. She’d stop by the electrical box on the way out and get a boost of energy. Right now though, she needed to check on her family.

“He-Hey mom.” she greeted, leaning in to plant a kiss on Carol’s cheek. She gave her mother the softest smile, holding out the coffee cup in front of her. “Breakfast?” 



She hadn’t slept. 

Of course not. Nobody expected her to of even suggested that she should. The instant Carol was allowed to be in the same room as her husband she was glued to his side. Her vigil held even as her children left to rest or vent or…whatever it is they needed to do. Wes left quickly…and Carol understood why. Stevie vented at Kaylee and that she didn’t want to understand. It has ben impossible to watch.

Carol hadn’t even realized how much time passed until Kaylee showed back up with “breakfast” and offered her coffee. She accepted it, a fond lip quirk pulling across her face. Couldn’t even be called a smile, but it was what she could offer.  

“Thank you.”

She inhaled the strong scent knowing it would be exactly how she liked it. Her eldest knew her well.  She took a sip of the brew, turning her gaze to Kaylee. She looked tired, just by her posture and Carol KNEW what it meant to be wearing sunglasses like that. 

“I don’t blame you.” Carol spoke, the words were quiet, but truthful. She didn’t know how much Kaylee had taken what Stevie said to heart, but she did know her own child who was so very like the man in the bed next to her. 


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