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08/03/2022 04:27 PM 

Consequences of Killing God

Killing God has brought massive consequences to the world in many ways, most of which directly impact Jaldabaoth. Heaven isn't what people imagined. Due to the lack of presence of a divine role, heaven is distorted heavily. Gaps are missing throughout, some gaps shifting through the fabric of reality and leading to other worlds. Angels have mostly perished, survivors scouring the world to find Jaldabaoth to either kill or convince them to take God's place. As for Hell, there are not many demons in existence as Hell was created shortly after Lucifer's fall and shortly after that, God was slain a few years later. However, the demons want Jaldabaoth as well so that he could rule Hell in place of Lucifer. Because of these things, Jaldabaoth has tried to conceal himself from both angels and demons as he has no desire to rule over Heaven or Hell.


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